Two Piece Motorycle Rain Suits

Advantages of Two Piece Motorcycle Rain Suits

What should you wear when riding in the rain? Do not let a heavy rain or even a drizzle ruin what could be a great day of riding. Riding in the rain is something you can’t avoid if you are a motorcycle rider. You will face this situation and it is always best to be prepared with the best motorcycle rain suits; and two piece motorcycle rain suits are one option to consider.

Some riders dread riding in a rain shower, but others consider it an enjoyable and exciting experience. Rain can cool down a hot hot day and make a real pleasant ride. But, it won’t be categorized as enjoyable if you catch a cold or ride for hours shivering like an eel. How can you enjoy riding in the rain if you are getting wet? The best solution to this is to wear the appropriate motorcycle rain gear. One great option for rain protection is a two piece motorcycle rain suit.

Your body is exposed to the cold and strong wind during bad weather. The two piece motorcycle Two-piece motorcycle rain suitrain suit is a combination of jacket and pants either usually made from treated leather or reinforced nylon. Some things to consider in two piece rain suits:

  1. Unlike a one piece rain suit, the separation between the jacket and pants is a hot-spot for leaks. Get a jacket that doesn’t ride up your back and expose your waist to the rain running down your jacket and then into your pants. Jackets with extended “tails” will be best.

  1. Rain suits not only prevent rain from hitting your skin, but will insulate also to keep your body warm. Remember that too much exposure to wet and cold can result in more serious health problems and, simply, will distract you while riding.

  2. Many new two piece rain suits are lightweight and easy to wear and less bulky than a one piece rain suit thus allowing you to stash all or part of it in your saddle bags without a hassle. Being able to wear the jacket and pants separately allows you to save on storage space on the bike.

With the right type of motorcycle rain gear, you will be able to stay dry and warm all throughout the bad weather. Two piece motorcycle rain suits are lightweight, durable, easy to use and easy to keep. Be prepared all the time, bring your rain suit and ride safely!

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