11 ‘must know’ tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

Even if you try to dodge rainy days, most likely at some point in the rainy season, you won’t be able to avoid riding through the rain.

Chances are, you are more likely get into an accident when out riding through foul weather. There are many reasons why riding in the rain is dangerous both to your health and personal safety.

One reason is that, riding through the rain lessens your visibility and, as a result, you can’t either see other vehicles or road hazards, road signs or, most critically, other drivers can’t see you. Second, you are exposed to the element and your body will suffer from the cold wind and rain without proper motorcycle rain gear.

To stay safe throughout a storm, here are 11 tips on how to ride a motorcycle in the rain:

1. Before going out for a ride, check your headlights, tail lights and brake lights. Flip your signals to see if it’s all operating properly.

2.  Wear protective rain gear. Always bring with you your motorcycle rain gear which will include waterproof jackets, pants, gloves, boots and goggles. This gear will mean so much for your personal safety and comfort.

3. Wear clear lenses. Choose spectacles, face shield or any eye wear that will help you see clearly in the rain.

4. Ride slowly. Keep in mind that in rainy days your tires get less friction or traction from the road causing your bike to slide. Check your tires. Old tires will lessen your traction.

5. Maintain a secure distance between you and the next vehicle. Since the road is wet, braking will be troublesome. You’ll bump or crash to the next vehicle if you don’t give enough space to maneuver your bike.

6. Keep within the middle of the lane. This is one of the best ways to let other drivers notice you.

7. Drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you.  Their tires will help clear water from the road.

8. Don’t forget to turn your head light on. This may assist you see the road clearly and at the same time, let other vehicles see you. Keep in mind that in gloomy or foggy atmospheric condition visibility is incredibly vital.

9.  Don’t drive over potholes, man-hole covers, and painted stripes on the road.  These can all be slippery and dangerous road hazards.

10. Stay alert and follow the road signs.

11.  Wear bright color garments. This may increase your visibility.

Take your personal safety seriously especially when riding in the rain. Follow all the ideas given above because riding in the rain is one of the most difficult riding conditions.

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