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First female motorcycle safety instructor in Victoria

motorcycle safety course

Aftan Puente,  is the first female motorcycle safety instructor, or RiderCoach at Victoria College according to Victoria Advocate.

She’s 28 years old and grew up riding on the back of her father’s motorcycle before she rode on the back of her husband’s. She enrolled in the motorcycle safety course at the college in 2009 and the only female on her class. The training to become a RiderCoach typically takes six to nine months. Puente completed that training in April.

The safety course covers topics ranging from personal protective gear to basic riding skills to street strategies. Students are taught to make themselves visible and ride as though they are invisible.

On Saturday, Puente trained students for the first time on the motorcycle riding range next to the College Services and Training building. She lectured the small group and signaled them with her hands when they were at the opposite end of the range.

RiderCoaches are “there to help you in a safe learning environment,” Puente said.

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