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Hundreds watch as motorcycle riders race a 180-foot hill

According to Grand Forks Herald, hundreds visited the pine-lined stretch of the Forest River at the bottom of a steep 180-foot hill last Sunday, July 7, 2013.

RURAL FORDVILLE, N.D. — Hundreds visited this normally-secluded location Saturday for the 14th Annual Eagle Ridge Motorcycle Hillclimb. Crowds gathered in rows of lawn chairs in the shade to watch motorcycle riders attempt to ride their bikes over the hill in the shortest amount of time.

Despite cash prizes awarded to winners in each class, the love of riding is what draws many people, especially riders to this motorcycle event. According to Logan Cipala, a rider, riding is a great stress-relief.

The entire event was made possible by donations from sponsors. Their contributions make up part of the prizes given to winners of the race. But, the additional funds raised in part by the $10 admission fee are usually given to the Fordville Fire Department and ambulance service.

The most honored prize goes to the rider who clocks the fastest climb of the day. Each year’s fastest rider gets his or her name engraved into the Andrew Greicar memorial trophy beside the names of previous years’ winners.

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