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Watch Shia LaBeouf Stares Down a Motorcyclist!

I found this post from Huffington Post of Shia LaBeouf, american actor, staring down a motorcyclist.
Shia LaBeouf was out for a drive the other day in Burbank, California and  after pulling up next to a motorcycle, the actor tried to have what looks like a staring competition with the driver, who happened to be recording his ride.
According to the YouTube user philipjcaputo, a truck pull up next to him at a stop light. He can see on his periphery vision that the driver of the truck keeps on staring at him. The strange part is that he is in a right-turn-only lane and should be turning right. He’s doesn’t want to make any eye contact but the driver of the other truck keeps on staring at him so he look left, then to balance things out, look at the right. It turns out it was Shia LaBeouf.
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Cross-country Motorcycle Ride for Veterans

Petaluman Victor Vaz joined the 25th Run for the Wall last May after a friend invited him. About 1,500 participating motorcyclists take to the highway to ride from California to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., to honor fallen or missing-in-action soldiers and to promote healing among veterans and their families.

Vaz was a one-time Elvis impersonator and skydiver said he’s been riding motorcycles ever since he was young. He’s no stranger to adventures but his ride to Washington in honor of veterans, was different — and better — than all the rest.

Some motorcyclists got into accidents along the way and were cared for by medical personnel that accompanied the caravan since the group had to keep riding and couldn’t stop to help.

For Vaz, arriving in the nation’s capitol was the pinnacle of the entire experience. A picture taken at the time shows him overcome with emotion.

“The event, educating people about (soldiers missing in action) definitely opened my eyes,” he said. “I’d never been to the wall, and it reached into your soul, brought out feelings I never knew I had.”

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Summer is a Dangerous Season for Motorcyclists

motorcycle safety

After the rainy season make way for warmer temperatures in Washington, many motorcyclists are intent on getting back on the road. As soon as the summer season starts,  motorcycles flock to the streets to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

But the summer also poses certain safety risks that aren’t necessarily apparent at other times of the year. Most motorcyclists tend to overestimate their own skills after being off the road for months. And drivers, accustomed to having the roads to themselves, may not give motorcyclists the attention they deserve.

The Bernard Law Group is concerned that these circumstances will contribute in the number of motorcycle accidents in the state. Kirk Bernard has seen firsthand the repercussions of such accidents, and he’s dedicated his life not only to assisting victims of motorcycle crashes, but to making sure such incidents never occur in the first place.

The market share of motorcycles has grown because many people are learning how to ride a motorcycle despite their sex, age and background. A recent report from the Insurance Information Institute indicates that the number of registered motorcycles continues to rise, from 8 million in 2009 to 8.2 million in 2010.

With so many people riding motorcycles at any given moment, it’s important that riders take the proper precautions.

To that end, Bernard Law urges all motorcyclists to consider getting motorcycle training, to wear the right equipment or safety gear, to learn how to be visible, to learn how to ride in different weather conditions and to always follow the law.

Following these steps can dramatically improve not only your safety, but the safety of all those you share the road with.

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