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Videographer’s daily headache on the motorcycle lane

PETALING JAYA: A 20-minute ride to work from Puchong to their designated motorcycle lanes is a daily headache for motorcyclists like videographer Patrick Chin.

According to Chin, poorly-lit tunnels are a problem day and night. He also  cited poor signage and road maintenance as the reason why many would rather use the main Federal Highway.

Chin complained about the poor design of the lane. He added that when it rains, the potholes look like puddles and many motorcycles skid or fall over after hitting a pothole. Motorcyclists had to choose between risking riding a motorcycle in the rain or waiting beneath an underpass where they would be splashed and sometimes even hit by passing vehicles.

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) had revealed that fatalities could be reduced by 30% if motorcyclists were separated from the main road.

To improve security, frequent patrols and lights at strategic sections are recommended by many riders.

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