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Watch Rider Crashes Silly in the Rain

Autoevolution posted a video of how a rider’s late reaction results to a crash.

When riding a motorcycle the operator must be attentive driver. driver’s late reaction is said to be a key element of a crash. While on the other hand, traffic awareness and properly assessing the road conditions are key elements which allow a rider to stay out of dangerous situations or make the best of the unexpected things happening around him.

Add in the rain to an already dangerous method of transportation and things become really interesting, so to speak. Riding in the rain is very risky and it requires the rider’s full attention. But this does not necessarily mean that a rider would crash… unless something is missing.

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Summer is a Dangerous Season for Motorcyclists

motorcycle safety

After the rainy season make way for warmer temperatures in Washington, many motorcyclists are intent on getting back on the road. As soon as the summer season starts,  motorcycles flock to the streets to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

But the summer also poses certain safety risks that aren’t necessarily apparent at other times of the year. Most motorcyclists tend to overestimate their own skills after being off the road for months. And drivers, accustomed to having the roads to themselves, may not give motorcyclists the attention they deserve.

The Bernard Law Group is concerned that these circumstances will contribute in the number of motorcycle accidents in the state. Kirk Bernard has seen firsthand the repercussions of such accidents, and he’s dedicated his life not only to assisting victims of motorcycle crashes, but to making sure such incidents never occur in the first place.

The market share of motorcycles has grown because many people are learning how to ride a motorcycle despite their sex, age and background. A recent report from the Insurance Information Institute indicates that the number of registered motorcycles continues to rise, from 8 million in 2009 to 8.2 million in 2010.

With so many people riding motorcycles at any given moment, it’s important that riders take the proper precautions.

To that end, Bernard Law urges all motorcyclists to consider getting motorcycle training, to wear the right equipment or safety gear, to learn how to be visible, to learn how to ride in different weather conditions and to always follow the law.

Following these steps can dramatically improve not only your safety, but the safety of all those you share the road with.

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Rain cancels safety session on motorcycles

Columbus, Georgia – Rain has canceled a session focusing on safety for motorcycle riders at the National Infantry Museum. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,motorcycle traffic deaths have increased over the last three years.

The Maneuver Center of Excellence was hosting the Motorcycle Mentorship D-day Remembrance safety ride to emphasizes safety, education of Department of the Army and post motorcycle riding policies and tips for new motorcyclists. The event that should coincide with the start of summer riding season was cancelled due to heavy rain.

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Kansas Police Remind Drivers to Share Road

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police advise riders and drivers to be more aware of each other as they hit the road after the long winter months.  As the weather warms, motorcycle riders are ready to roll but it usually takes a little while for other drivers to get used to sharing the road to motorcycles again.

“Cars aren’t used to the motorcycle traffic in and out of lanes. It’s a good time of year to start being observant and watching lanes before you switch,” said Capt. Donna Greenwell of the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department.

But it’s not all on the drivers. Police say those on two wheels need to do their part, too. According to Greenwell, they should not ride in blind spots and must be cautious riders.

The motorcycle accidents in the state was caused by drivers, others by the riders, or a combination of both, so police are urging everyone to keep their eyes open and share the road safely because it’s only going to get busier.

“The warmer it gets and the less rain we get, the more motorcycles you’re gonna see out there.”

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Yamaha Becomes the Official Motorcycle of Road America

Yamaha Motorcycle

The Official Motorcycle of Road America

Wisconsin, May3, 2013– According to Cycle News, Road America announced  that Yamaha has become the Official Motorcycle of Road America as part of a multi-year agreement. Additionally, Yamaha will also play an integral role at the track as part of Road America’s successful motorcycle school programs to educate two-wheel enthusiasts. Endorsed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), Road America’s Basic Rider Courses are taught by award-winning rider coaches who have completed extensive training through the MSF and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). Successful completion of the school’s basic rider course enables participants to obtain a Class M endorsement on their driver’s license from the WisDOT.


“The Yamaha partnership is a deeply-integrated program that will bring many new benefits to Road America,” said George Bruggenthies, president and general manager of Road America. “We are looking forward to elevating our programs and offerings as we work alongside Yamaha to bring new experiences and opportunities to fans, motorcycling enthusiasts and the many Yamaha motorcycle dealers in the region.”

As part of being an official partner of Road America, Yamaha will have a presence through multiple areas of the venue and fans will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the GEICO Motorcycle AMA ProRacing Subway SuperBike Doubleheader, May 31-June 2 at local dealerships. As part of the Road America Motorcycle Schools, Yamaha motorcycles will be used exclusively to train beginner and advanced students how to ride safe.

The Courses

For anyone interested in learning how to ride at Road America, the Basic Rider Course or (BRC) consists of 16 hours of combined classroom and practical riding instruction. Participants in this course learn basic riding techniques on motorcycles and scooters supplied by Yamaha, along with important safety skills to minimize the risks of motorcycling.

For the experienced enthusiast, Road America offers a Level 1 Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic, developed by world-renowned motorcycle journalist and race champion, Lee Parks. This one day clinic will make a specific, measurable improvement in an individual’s skills regarding throttle control, throttle/brake transitions, corner entry, line selection, body position and corner exit.

Road America also offers Supermoto (Demo & Basic). These courses are taught on Road America’s Blain’s Farm & Fleet Motorplex, a purpose-built 1-mile paved and dirt track with multiple configurations and elevation changes.

 About Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., (YMUS), is a leader in the motorsports market. The company’s ever-expanding product offerings include motorcycles, ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicle, outboard motors, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, outdoor power equipment, accessories, apparel and much more.

About Road America

Established in 1955 as the first permanent road racing course in the United States, Road America is located midway between Milwaukee and Green Bay in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  The 640-acre, park-like grounds offer amazing viewing opportunities, fantastic concessions and high-speed excitement to hundreds of thousands of spectators each year. In addition to public race weekends, Road America offers a variety of group event programs, the Blain’s Farm & Fleet Motorplex for karting and supermoto, and the Road America Motorcycle and Advanced Driving Schools.

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Motorcycle Awareness Month: Increased Road Safety Urged for Riders

Motorcycle Awareness

The month of May is the Motorcycle Awareness Month. The Department of Transportation is urging and reminding all motorists to observe road safety. It is always safe for the motorists to drive sober and trained. Department of Transportation reminds the motorists and motorcyclist to share the road and be aware of motorcycles. There is an increased in the number of motorcycles in the road during this month because of the warm weather. The motorcycle awareness program in every state is a reminder that motorists, truck drivers and car drivers should be extra careful in the road. They are encouraged to give several car lengths to avoid accidents.

This May’s campaign is a great way to increase the awareness of the motorcyclists. The riders should always wear protective gear and should stay visible at all times. They must wear appropriate gears such as helmets, jackets, pants, goggles, motorcycle rain suits and gloves. To stay visible, wear bright colour motorcycle gears. As Lubbert, the spokesperson of the Department of Transportation said, “It’s important to wear a helmet, but also full length pants, full armed jackets, gloves and boots, just to protect them in the event of a crash,” “And to make sure that people riding are fully trained”, he added.

Having a valid motorcycle endorsement, quality training on motorcycle safety and wearing safety equipment are simple, yet very important things to keep the motorcyclist from any road accident. For the drivers to be fully aware of the motorcyclists, it is important for the other motorists to understand that a motorcycle has all the same privilege as any vehicle on the roadway. When on the road, look out for motorcyclists on the highway, intersections and be aware of them because riders usually change lanes at all times. Other tip: have plenty of space in front of the vehicle and do not trail the motorcycle closely.

It is important to remember that is not safe to drive while under the influence of alcohol. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any drugs, it can decrease your perception and awareness that can lead to accidents. Driving a vehicle requires total control and concentration whether it is a motorcycle or a car. Be aware that alcohol increases the risk of crashing by 40%. Awareness in motorcycle riding is life changing. Obey these rules to keep you safe from any form of accidents. It is a must not only to yourself, but to the other motorists as well.

Motorcycle Safety: Essential Tips You Should Know

Motorcycle Safety

The rate of fatality of motorcycle accidents is higher as compared to automobiles. There is also a rise in number of people who died in motorcycles accidents due to fatal wounds that having a motorcycle safety course is needed more than ever. Almost every state strengthens their motorcycle safety programs and campaigns to lessen the statistics. Motorcycle safety is a basic topic in motorcycle riding schools and should be practiced to avoid accidents. It is one of the most highly advocated aspects in riding a motorcycle.

If you are a motorcycle rider, you have no doubt, feel the thrill and excitement when riding. Not only first time riders, but as well as professional riders must learn about motorcycle safety.  It is important to know and understand the safety standards and basic riding courses. It is also important to be updated to the current safety standards, tips and techniques. The excitement and the thrill can compensate the sensation if you are safe.

Here are some of the important motorcycle safety tips:

Take motorcycle safety courses. These courses are taught by professionals and qualified coaches. Motorcycle riding schools especially approved by the MSF offered riding techniques and some tips on how to feel comfortable when riding.

Choose the right motorcycle that fits you. It’s not the cool look but the comfort it could bring you. You need be comfortable in your bike, do not choose a motorcycle that is too big or too small for your body. This can only lead you to serious accident.

Wear motorcycle safety gear when riding. Choose the right jacket, gloves, pants and boots that can protect you from harsh weather and serious injury when unexpected collision comes. During the rainy season, wear motorcycle rain suits that will help you see and be seen despite the heavy rain. You can either choose a one-piece motorcycle rain suit or a pair of riding jackets and pants. The helmet is one of the most important gears you should have. Choose the right helmet and diligently wear it at all times because it is required by the law. Choose the one that is approved by the Federal standards.

Lastly, it is important to observe and follow the law. No drinking and driving; this is a fatal mistake that some riders don’t care about. Reckless driving is prohibited by the law. It is in your hands to prevent these accidents to happen. Just follow the rules and you can make a difference.