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Rain and two wheels often a tough mix

Bud Wilkinson shared his thoughts about riding in the rain in his latest post on Republican American.

Motorcycle Rain Gear

Maybe it’s time to buy a motorcycle rain gear. While I’ve never limited myself to fair weather riding, the drizzle, the showers and the full-on rain encountered in the past week when riding has me considering the acquisition of apparel designed to prevent wet jeans, a dripping leather jacket and squishy feet upon getting home.

When riding in the rain, it is not fun removing clammy garments then hanging them in assorted places to dry or wringing out socks. The only upside to soggy sojourning is your bike is clean for the next ride. Rain makes me a chicken rider due to the possibility of oil and other vehicular drippings being diffused across the blacktop.

More riders these days actually still get out for a ride no matter the forecast. The esprit de corps among riders seemingly elevates, because riding in the rain says the motorcycle operator is serious about the recreation.

The last time I bought a rain gear, a two-piece PVC rainsuit made by Tour Master, it held up for one use before falling apart. That was more than eight years ago. Maybe enough time has passed from that bad experience to try again.

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Motorcycle Rain Boots and Jackets

There are different kinds of motorcycle rain gears a responsible rider must wear when riding in the rain. Safety gears will keep you in one piece in case you were thrown away, bumped or collided with another motorcycle. Aside from that, rain gears will protect your body against the harsh elements of nature. This post will discuss two of the most important rain gears– the motorcycle rain jacket and boots.

motorcycle rain gear

There are different kinds of motorcycle rain jackets and boots in the market today. The motorcycle industry continues to manufacture and develop different types of motorcycle accessories. They come in different style, size, color, brands and are made from different materials. Most of the time motorcycle rain boots and jackets are made from nylon or leather materials.

However, in buying this motorcycle rain gear you need to think twice. There are factors you need to consider in order to find the right gear; one that is worth all your money.  Quality is very important because despite the wide range of motorcycle jackets and boot out there, not all of them will last for a long period of time. As riders, it is expected that you will wear these gears almost every day and poor quality jackets or boots will not survive constant use.

Choose waterproof jacket and boots. Since the purpose of these gears is to keep you dry whether you are riding on a heavy rain or a slight drizzle, it is just right to use weatherproof gears. You choose a motorcycle jacket and a pair of boots that are compact and light-weight. Aside from being weather resistant, it is also best to choose motorcycle rain boots and jackets that are easy to put on and take off.

Whether you are planning to brave the rain or having a short ride, it is still best to wear appropriate motorcycle gear. You can’t really predict the weather. It is better to be prepared than sorry.


Best Motorcycle Rain Gear List

motorcycle rain gear

Riding a motorcycle during the rainy season or unpleasant weather can be uncomfortable. It is important to wear the best motorcycle rain gear to avoid highway accidents and to protect your health. Any rider would agree that having the best rain gear would improve their judgment and riding performance while on the road. Finding the right gear would involve several important tips that you need to remember.

Here is the best motorcycle rain gear that would provide the best protection from extreme weather conditions:

  1. Motorcycle Helmets. Only fools will ride a motorcycle in the rain without a helmet. Helmets would give the rider protection and clear vision. It is the ultimate protection for your head during collision. There are different types, brands and design of helmets in the market. To be sure that you are making the right choice, buy only the state-approved helmets.
  2.  Motorcycle Jackets. When buying a motorcycle jacket for the rainy season, choose the one that is made of quality cow hide and textile. Ideal jackets are the types that will keep you dry during the rain, gives you more space to move and well ventilated. Flexibility and durability are two of the best qualities a great motorcycle rain jacket must have. The style and its comfort must also be considered.
  3. Leather Motorcycle Pants. These pants should also have the qualities of the motorcycle jackets. The motorcycle rain pants would allow the wearer to move freely. It is flexible and will keep you dry despite the rain.
  4. Motorcycle Riding Boots. Boots came in different styles and designs. Some people like to compliment their motorcycle boots with the style and colour of their helmets, jackets, and pants. You have chosen the right one if the footwear is breathable and at the same time protect and support your feet. To avoid any injuries, choose the one that fit in your size. Boots that comes from cow hide or Buffalo hide is essential to complete your best motorcycle rain gear list.

These are the list of the motorcycle rain gear you need to wear when riding in the rain. Nothing can provide the best protection as these gears can.

Different Motorcycle Gear for the Rainy Season

motorcycle rain gear

Now a days many people are motorcycle lovers for so many reasons. Some says they are more comfortable riding a bike than a car while some say’s riding motorcycle  is an adventure,  But in riding a motorcycle, you have to face some challenges, like riding uncomfortably during the rainy season. How can you protect yourself from the cold? How you can keep yourself warm despite of the rain? And most especially how can you protect yourself from getting wet because of the Rain.

Here is some of the latest motorcycle rain gear in the market:

1. Rev’IT Pacific H20 Rain Suit. – This motorcycle rain suit is easy to put on.  You can put it on in just a few seconds, non stick, PVC-Free coating on the inside, nylon outer shell, waterproof, breathable, and waterproof.

2.  Dainese Hogan-S Rainsuit.- This motorcycle rain suit has a front opening up to the knee, has thermal inner lining, and pockets on thigh.

3. Dainese Rain Overboots – This is a nylon fabric coated waterproof rain suit, had a rear zipper, and a fabric inserts for heat resistance.

4. Firstgear Sierra Day Glo Rain Pants This motorcycle rain gear will keep your body dry even in the worst downpour because it is waterproof and have cargo pockets in the thigh.

5. Fieldsheer Thunder One-Piece Rain Suit This rain suit is 100% Waterproof, has polyurethane coated polyester shell. An aqua-barrier under the helmet hood helps eliminate seepage in the collar.

6.  River Road Rainstorm 2-Piece Yellow Rain Suit This motorcycle rain suit has a dual storm flap, has a removable hood, a lower leg opening with snaps.

7. Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Rain Jacket  – This rain gear has a tuck away hood design with drip-free collar adjustment, adjustable waistband with draw cord to lock, and full cut for active use and to be worn over insulated clothing.

8. Scorpion Exo-Barrier Rain Pants -This rain suit has reflective trim for increased visibility, the thigh length zipper makes pants easy on and off, and a built-in lightweight mesh Lining.

9. Tour Master Elite II Rain Pants. – This rain pants has a high density nylon seat panel that provides added strength and minimize slipping.  An extra long zippered and gusseted leg cuff with velcro closure allows for ease of dressing

10. Cortech Road Race Rainsuit Jacket and Pants.  The jacket and pants are sold separately, stretch panels through the arms, back shoulder and sides ensures a snug fit at speed while not limiting flexibility. The elastic sleeve cuff ensures a snug fit on any size suit sleeve.

If you are looking for a motorcycle rain gear you can use for the rainy season, then you might consider one of these gears. There are a lot of these kinds of gears in the market today. You can find them on your local store, apparel shop or in the internet.


How to Buy Motorcycle Rain Suits for Women?

Tips on How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Rain Suits for Women

motorcycle rain suits for women

As a female motorcycle rider who will be riding to all kinds of weather condition, you need to have a decent motorcycle rain gear. However, there are so many things you need to consider when buying the best motorcycle rain suits for women. Since it is going to be your only source of protection during the rainy season, it must be made from good quality material and can stand the inclement weather.

In order to find the best rain suit, make sure that you have a clear picture what you really want such as the material which it’s made from, the style, color and cost. Here are some tips you must consider before buying a rain suit.

  • Look for the gear that suits you- your taste, style, comfort and safety. There are so many kinds of rain suits in the market but choose the one which you are comfortable with and fit perfectly to your body.
  • Make sure that all the features you are looking for are present such as the number of pockets and zipper.
  • Always ask the sales agent to let you fit the suit before buying it.
  • Thoroughly check the suit before buying it. Look for unfinished portions, scratches and zippers that don’t work properly.

The following are also important when looking for motorcycle rain suits for women:

  1. Materials—it is important to know what kind of materials the manufacturer used in making the suits. Rain gears should be made from high quality materials, waterproof and durable. Through this you will distinguish whether the amount you’re going to spend is reasonable.
  2. Fitness—make sure that the suit you’re going to use is not too tight or too lose. Once you’re uncomfortable with the suit, you’re going to be miserable throughout the ride. Make sure that the suit has an allowance so that you can wear a layer of clothing inside.
  3. Pockets—one of the factors that you should look forward before buying your gear is the number of pockets. A rain suit with lots of pockets it is very useful. When you are driving, you don’t want to waste time by stopping in order get things inside your bag. The pockets in your motorcycle rain suit will make it easy to access the things you want.
  4. Visibility—it is important to buy bright-colored motorcycle rain suit. Riding in the rain makes it difficult to be seen by other riders in the road.
  5. Adjustable—make sure that your rain suit is adjustable. This will allow you to adjust the tightness of the suit around your body.
  6. Construction—it is very important that you check all the side of the suit before buying it. In these you will see if they sew it perfectly, the lining are good, and is finished perfectly.

Make sure that you follow the things suggested to you; these will help a lot in buying the best motorcycle rain gear.


Issues Involved When Looking for the Best Motorcycle Rain Suit

Looking for the Best Motorcycle Rain Suit?

Best Motorcycle Rain Suit

One of the most important items motorcycle riders must consider when out riding is the gear they’ll use when get caught in rainy weather. Motorcycles, unlike cars have no roof to protect you during a downpour. That’s one of the downside of motorcycling. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a ride during the rainy season. Someone said:” A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.” You’re not a true rider if you haven’t ridden in the rain.

Most riders are thrilled to be riding in inclement weather. However, do not forget to be safe first. If you want to ride in the rain then bring your best motorcycle rain suit. What is a motorcycle rain suit and where can you get it? These are two issues involved when dealing with motorcycle rain gear.

There are so many motorcycle rain gear and rain suits in the motorcycle industry. It’s common to hear suppliers bragging about their products and claiming to be the best motorcycle rain suit ever! With a wide range of this product to choose from, choosing the best gear is confusing. The competition is very tight and each product has their specialized publications, and product reviews that point to the best and the most effective rain suit. But if truth be told, the best motorcycle rain suit is the one that suits you and the one you like the best.

The best rain gear depends upon the style and material the suit was made from. Motorcycle rain suits must be made from quality materials such as Gore-Tex, leather or synthetic. This gear must be waterproof, has the features you want and at the same time provides total protection. Aside from that, it must give you comfort and extra warmth. Riding in the rain means dealing with cold wind and rain. Aside from wearing layers of clothing, wear a motorcycle rain suit that offer thermal protection.

The best motorcycle rain suit also has the features you want like the number of pockets it has and how it fits to your body. Also consider the durability of the gear. You should not spend your hard-earned money in buying poor quality gears. Next is to choose between a one-piece or two-piece rain suits. Think of the advantages and disadvantages of having a one piece or two piece rain suits. The last thing you need to be bothered with is the color because fashion is not important. What is important is to choose a high visibility color. Bright colored clothes are very important when riding in the rain because the visibility is low.

Once you have the clear picture of the best motorcycle rain suit that you want, then it’s time to shop.

Riding in the Rain – Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine

1212 Crup 01 O Shop Talk Lead Shot

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

In the December 2012 issue of “Motorcycle Cruiser” Magazine, Mark Zimmerman writes a great article with some solid tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain.

Mark’s take on riding in the rain is pretty fairly balanced, with a look back on youth and “invincibility” making riding in the rain less frightening and a look to today with more caution and care, but certainly no fear of riding in the rain.

Some of the funny comments from the article:

While I’d never suggest that riding in the rain is as pleasant as riding in the sunshine, I can tell you that it’s not particularly bad, at least not unless you’re riding through a real frog strangler, and under certain conditions, like when it’s 110 in the shade and you hit a cooling shower, it can be downright pleasant.

I’ve been caught in the rain on every motorcycle I’ve ever owned many more times than you can count, and I’ve yet to see one melt, or even suffer irreparable damage.

But he’s also got his good advice hidden in a few “tricks”:

Most importantly you need good rain gear. Riding in the rain takes some concentration, and that’s tough to come by when you’re wet and cold.

[Good rain gear . . .] provides an acceptable level of protection against road rash should the unfortunate occur, which is something that can’t be said for you average plastic rain suit.

During the first few minutes of rain, all the debris and gunk floats to the surface, making the pavement as slippery as a greased hog, so you have to tone it down some in the beginning, and be particularly cautious about riding in the middle of the lane, where all those leaky cars and trucks have been depositing their oil. It’ll take at least a half an hour of steady rain to wash it away, so treat the throttle with caution, especially if the roads have been dry for a while.

. . . adding a few extra pounds of air to the tire will help prevent aquaplaning, which occurs when the tire rides on top of the water, rather than push it aside. Increasing the tire pressure by 3-5 pounds narrows the tire’s foot print, and helps the tire’s rain sipes squeegee the water out from under the contact patch, enhancing traction.

This article is a great little read about riding in the rain.

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Author: Mark Zimmerman

11 ‘must know’ tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

Even if you try to dodge rainy days, most likely at some point in the rainy season, you won’t be able to avoid riding through the rain.

Chances are, you are more likely get into an accident when out riding through foul weather. There are many reasons why riding in the rain is dangerous both to your health and personal safety.

One reason is that, riding through the rain lessens your visibility and, as a result, you can’t either see other vehicles or road hazards, road signs or, most critically, other drivers can’t see you. Second, you are exposed to the element and your body will suffer from the cold wind and rain without proper motorcycle rain gear.

To stay safe throughout a storm, here are 11 tips on how to ride a motorcycle in the rain:

1. Before going out for a ride, check your headlights, tail lights and brake lights. Flip your signals to see if it’s all operating properly.

2.  Wear protective rain gear. Always bring with you your motorcycle rain gear which will include waterproof jackets, pants, gloves, boots and goggles. This gear will mean so much for your personal safety and comfort.

3. Wear clear lenses. Choose spectacles, face shield or any eye wear that will help you see clearly in the rain.

4. Ride slowly. Keep in mind that in rainy days your tires get less friction or traction from the road causing your bike to slide. Check your tires. Old tires will lessen your traction.

5. Maintain a secure distance between you and the next vehicle. Since the road is wet, braking will be troublesome. You’ll bump or crash to the next vehicle if you don’t give enough space to maneuver your bike.

6. Keep within the middle of the lane. This is one of the best ways to let other drivers notice you.

7. Drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you.  Their tires will help clear water from the road.

8. Don’t forget to turn your head light on. This may assist you see the road clearly and at the same time, let other vehicles see you. Keep in mind that in gloomy or foggy atmospheric condition visibility is incredibly vital.

9.  Don’t drive over potholes, man-hole covers, and painted stripes on the road.  These can all be slippery and dangerous road hazards.

10. Stay alert and follow the road signs.

11.  Wear bright color garments. This may increase your visibility.

Take your personal safety seriously especially when riding in the rain. Follow all the ideas given above because riding in the rain is one of the most difficult riding conditions.

Choosing The Right Gear for Rainy Season

The Right Gear for Rainy Season

Image Source: http://www.existenzielle.de/

Riders need to be comfortable on their bikes particularly on long journeys. Nobody expects you to endure getting soaked and cold to bones once you still have miles to go on a rainy day. Throughout the raining season, it’s best for riders to own the proper gear to keep them heat and dry. There are motorcycle riding gear that will stop the cold and keep you dry when riding in the rain. You need to bring proper riding gear on your saddlebags.

There are different types of riding gear for rainy season.  If you’re looking for a reliable rain gear, the following tips will sure enough help:

1. Obtain motorbike rain gear that suits your budget. Motorcycle rain gear is available in different sizes, colors, brands, materials and value. You can obtain low cost gear however you can’t make certain of its quality and for how long it can last.  Choose you gear wisely. Stick to your budget but make sure you choose good quality products.

2. Be specific. Make certain of what you would like. Before you visit the closest store, make certain you have gear in mind. Decide which to buy, a one piece motorcycle rain suit or a two piece suit?  If you already know what to buy, you don’t have to waste time browsing aimlessly.

3. Get the proper size. Finding the proper motorcycle rain gear is less complicated if you recognize the dimensions that you simply need. Choose a motorcycle rain suit that fits your body but doesn’t limit your movement. The legs of your pants ought to be large enough to permit you to wear it even along with your boots on. Your jackets should not permit rain or wetness seep through your garments and high collars in order that it will reach the base of your helmet.

4. Choose motorcycle rain gear that has enough reflective materials. You need to be visible even throughout gloomy or rainy conditions. Bright colored suits and gear will keep you safe when riding in the rain.

5. Opt for motorcycle rain gear that gives the best protection from the rain and the cold. Some rain suits claimed to be waterproof but actually some are not. Check if the motorbike rain gear you‘re about to purchase was made up of Gore-Tex material or not.

The guidelines to find the proper motorcycle rain gear revolve around safety, comfort and protection.

The Best Protection Against Rain

How to be Protected when Riding in the Rain?

Image source: www.lazymotorbike.eu

Many riders fancy riding in the rain despite it not being a perfect riding condition. The challenge and risk of riding through foul weather gives some of us riders a special thrill.  But, yes, others may think riding in bad weather as a dangerous thing to do. Well, there is some extra danger when riding in the rain under these conditions which can be made worse without the right gear and the proper riding skills.

Despite the additional risk of riding in foul weather, which with education and caution are manageable, there are people who consider it refreshing and fortifying.  You can also a day of riding in the rain if you have the right gear to protect your body and keep your mind focused on the road and your own safety.

If you are going to ride and not let a little rain prevent you from an honest ride, it’s best to bring a complete set of motorcycle rain gear. Good gear will keep you warm throughout the ride.

Rain Jacket. If you don’t want to get wet and uncomfortable while riding wear a heavy duty or water proof jacket. Getting caught in a downpour with your regular motorcycle jacket isn’t ideal. When looking a motorcycle rain jacket, choose the one that with a high collar to stop rain from soaking your clothes. Choose also a jacket that has sleeves that sealed firmly on your wrist and waist to keep water from running through your hands and body.

Rain Pants. Other than a weather resistant jacket, strengthen your protection with water-proof pants to help shield the lower a part of your body. You must wear motorcycle rain pants in order to safeguard your legs in a crash and to keep you dry when riding through the rain. To make sure you’ll get dry, buy a motorcycle rain pants sealed around your waist and ankles, have elastic stirrup straps that may anchor your pant suspenders that may facilitate it on a secure position while you’re riding.

Rain suit. There are two kinds of motorcycle rain suits; one piece and two piece suits. This is really the max.  Nothing beats the protection that a full motorcycle rain suit can provide when riding in inclement weather

Helmet.  A motorcycle helmet is one of the MOST important pieces of gear a rider should wear with or without rain. However, since riding in the rain presents a lot of danger compared to riding in a sunny day, it is highly recommended.  Here you want a DOT and SNELL certified full-face helmet.

Waterproof boots. To keep your feet from getting wet, wear motorcycle rain boots. Your feet will simply get wet from the rain or from spatter of water from the road or other vehicles.  There is no point in wearing the other motorcycle rain gear if you are still cold because your feet are exposed.

Go ride.  And ensure you have the best protection against the rain – a good full set of motorcycle rain gear.  As a rider, you can’t really avoid riding in foul weather once in a while. However, with the help of the right gear, you will be protected, secure and comfortable.