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Alaska motorcyclists turn out for blessing

motorcycle blessing

According to Alaska Dispatch, various motorcycle clubs — Alaska Vets, Green Knights, and Rig Riders — came out to the 10th annual Bike Blessing and Ride, despite rain and snow.

Motorcyclists wearing leather motorcycle jackets stood in a circle around a war memorial in downtown Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, listening to Richard Irwin, the event’s big wheel as he prayed for a safe riding season that featured with less snow and warmer temperatures.

A representative of Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan spoke about the dangers of riding in Alaska due to weather and road conditions. Commuters of all kinds were encouraged to beware while traveling Alaska’s roads this summer.

City Church, started the annual motorcycle party years ago in its parking lot. The church partnered up with Alaska Bikers Advocating Training and Education, the motorcycle nonprofit commonly referred to as ABATE.

Accoridng to Irwin, during summertime in Alaska everybody is out and about, and people often don’t pay attention to motorcycles that are out. “There’s a lot of hazards in Alaska that aren’t such a big deal other places.”he added.

As Irwin spoke, the Alaska Vets Motorcycle Club rolled down the street lead by Wayne “Weird Wayne” Manning, president of the Anchorage chapter of the club as well as the Alaska Coalition of Motorcycle Clubs, Inc.

He described the biker blessing as “a really good gig. It brings people from the different clubs together. It really speaks to Alaska’s no-animosity policy.”

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Motorcycle Rain Boots and Jackets

There are different kinds of motorcycle rain gears a responsible rider must wear when riding in the rain. Safety gears will keep you in one piece in case you were thrown away, bumped or collided with another motorcycle. Aside from that, rain gears will protect your body against the harsh elements of nature. This post will discuss two of the most important rain gears– the motorcycle rain jacket and boots.

motorcycle rain gear

There are different kinds of motorcycle rain jackets and boots in the market today. The motorcycle industry continues to manufacture and develop different types of motorcycle accessories. They come in different style, size, color, brands and are made from different materials. Most of the time motorcycle rain boots and jackets are made from nylon or leather materials.

However, in buying this motorcycle rain gear you need to think twice. There are factors you need to consider in order to find the right gear; one that is worth all your money.  Quality is very important because despite the wide range of motorcycle jackets and boot out there, not all of them will last for a long period of time. As riders, it is expected that you will wear these gears almost every day and poor quality jackets or boots will not survive constant use.

Choose waterproof jacket and boots. Since the purpose of these gears is to keep you dry whether you are riding on a heavy rain or a slight drizzle, it is just right to use weatherproof gears. You choose a motorcycle jacket and a pair of boots that are compact and light-weight. Aside from being weather resistant, it is also best to choose motorcycle rain boots and jackets that are easy to put on and take off.

Whether you are planning to brave the rain or having a short ride, it is still best to wear appropriate motorcycle gear. You can’t really predict the weather. It is better to be prepared than sorry.