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Peters family joined motocross racing

motorcycle racing

Since 1977, the Peters family has been connected to the North Dakota Motorcycle Association.

As an assistant principal at Mandan Middle School and NDMA board president, Tom Peters has been going to races all over the state and has won 19 state championships during his career.

However, for the first time in two decades, he has decided to hang up his motorcycle helmet and focus on watching and helping his two sons race.

Tom’s siblings are also involved with motocross racing. His brother, Jim Peters, is a past NDMA member, his sister Rachel Buresh, operates the scoring computer that keeps track of results.

Tom’s sons, Ryan and Daniel, both placed in the top 3 in various events at the motocross races at the Southwest Motocross Association Track. The family has been involved in Dickinson motocross for about 20 years. They  made friends during their many years at motocross race and formed bonds with fellow racers.

“The cool thing is that there are a lot of families here,” Jim said. “It’s kind of neat to see families. You’ll see maybe mom or dad riding and a couple kids, or at least a bunch of them cheering them on.”

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Motorcycle fatality rates on rise in Illinois

motorcycle fatality rate

For a month dedicated to emphasizing awareness and safety, May turned out to be deadly for motorcyclists in central Illinois.

According to data compiled by the Illinois Department of Transportation, motorcycle fatalities in Illinois climbed from 131 in 2010 to 148 in 2012 for the last two years. An increase of 13 percent is very disturbing according to all motorcycle-transportation officials.

Lt. Col. Scott Abbott of the Illinois State Police said it’s hard to peg one specific reason for why more people are dying on motorcycles. One thing analysts do know,  is that more people are riding motorcycles.

The Cause of the Problem is…

Records show that Illinois has seen a 57 percent increase in the number of motorcyclists registered in the state over the past decade.  On average, Illinois sees about 13,000 new motorcyclists each year, which could be at the heart of the problem. Plus many new riders aren’t getting the proper training while most learn bad riding habits from friends and family members. Other leading accident factors include improper lane usage, not negotiating curves correctly and alcohol.

IDOT launched a campaign called “Start Seeing Motorcycles.” However, Abbot believed that one of the most important thing in preventing fatalities is encouraging people to wear the proper gear. The GHSA listed motorcycle helmet laws as the most effective way to prevent motorcyclist fatalities and serious injuries, noting in the report that 706 motorcyclists would have lived nationally in 2010 had they been wearing a helmet.

Also, Abbott believed that training can correct numerous bad habits and misnomers, such as it’s wise to only use the rear brake to avoid flipping the bike. If more motorcyclists were properly trained, it could reverse the troubling trend.

“In the hands of a skilled rider, motorcycles are as safe as any vehicle,” Abbott said. “But the problem is most people are not as skilled as they could be.

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Essential Riding Gears to Cool Off the Summer Heat

motorcycle riding gear

Summer is definitely here! It’s time to do some physical activities and visit other places. Instead of having to spend the day in the front of computer, it is time to drive around with your motorcycle. Since the heat is on, it is important to protect yourself from extreme heat and dehydration. There are lots of motorcycle riding gears that are available in the market today but it is important to choose the right one that would cater best to your needs. Summer is the time of the year that does not require you to wear a motorcycle rain suit. But, there are important gears to bring when out riding under the summer heat.

Before you hop on your motorcycle, here are the few guidelines to follow to avoid any accidents in the road and keep the cool despite the harsh heat:

1. Helmet that is vented. Recent helmets have specially located vents. It is a must for the air to circulate inside the helmet to dissipate the outside heat.

2. Motorcycle suits. In summer having a suit that has protective layer yet does not trap heat is important. Most of these suits are used like an undergarment for the leather suits. This liner is washable, and helps air to circulate for the body temperature to be regulated.

3.  The same thing about leather jackets. It should be vented so that the air can pass through giving the rider a cool feeling. In order to stay cool and comfortable despite the heat, wear bionic jacket that has a built-in padding to stay cool. This bionic jacket has a mesh material making the heat more bearable.

4. Gloves. Though leather is the deal material for gloves, choose the one that is vented. It allows the air to enter and to cool the body.

Also, you need to check your riding gear. Examine closely the headgear, boots, and other driving accessories to make sure there are no broken parts or bits. When buying a new riding gear, check the quality of the jackets, helmets, gloves, pants and boots. Buy only the right kind of protective gear. There is a wide collection of motorcycle riding gears that are available online and in local stores in your area.

It is important to invest in your safety gear; certain analysis on what you should be getting and what you should not, can save you time and money.


3 Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

How to Buy a Motorcycle Helmet?

In order to be safe while riding a motorcycle, you need to wear the right kind of motorcycle helmet. If you don’t know exactly what to look for, then buying a helmet can be a real challenge. The right kind of motorcycle helmet can make a big difference if and when you are involved in a road accident. Many people suffer major head injuries while some lose their lives because they aren’t wearing a helmet. If you don’t want to suffer the same fate, follow the tips on how to buy a motorcycle helmet.

Listed below are three simple things to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet:


As mentioned earlier, a motorcycle helmet is one of the most essential pieces of safety gear to wear when out riding. Because of this, you need to spend enough time in looking for a helmet that can provide the right amount of protection. Make sure to buy a helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or has been Snell rated. This kind of helmet is best for riders who love to join motorcycle races or off-road and adventure riding.

Additionally, you want to select a full-face helmet vs. 1/2 helmet.  There are certainly camps on both sides of the argument for full-face or not.  Consider the infamous quote seen in at least one gear shop: “Buy a 1/2 helmet and get a free spool of jaw wire.”


One thing you need to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet is your budget. How much money do you want to spend for a motorcycle helmet? The kind and the cost of the helmet you’re going to buy usually depend upon the kind of riding you’re into. If you want to buy a motorcycle helmet for off-road riding then you can stick to a DOT approved helmet which could be affordable but still very effective for safety. If you want to buy a helmet for motocross then you need to buy a thicker helmet like the Snell rated MX helmet. This kind of helmet is best for motocross riders. No matter what kind of riding you plan to do, just don’t hesitate to spend money to be safer.

Another tried and true adage in the world of cycling is: “If your head is worth $10.00 then buy a $10.00 helmet.”


Though money and safety play an important part in buying a motorcycle helmet, one that does not fit perfectly won’t be a big help.  Do not buy a helmet that is too tight that it’s a struggle to put it on or too sloppy that strong wind can whip it off your head. The best motorcycle helmet is one that is snug and fits perfectly.

These are three things you need to consider most when buying a motorcycle helmet. You can find a helmet that looks cool, fashionable and trendy but safety is your number one consideration. Remember that your head/brain is your most important tool therefore you have to protect it all the time.