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10 Motorcycle Riding Tips for Beginners

motorcycle riding tips

Autoevolution released the final part of their long and instructive guide dedicated to those freshmen in the two-wheeled world.

After they  discussing the key elements which can help a new rider get used to what motorcycling is and how to keep him or her free from danger as much as possible, they released these quick final considerations:

8. Bike condition

One of the best ways to prevent accidents to happen or any unfortunate event is to make sure that the motorcycle is in good working condition. It is imperative to know the condition of the motorcycle before going out!

Motorcycle riding is already more dangerous than driving a car. Riding bikes in great working condition eliminates the potential hazards riders face every day.

9. Route planning

Getting away from the confinements of a car is one of the most exhilarating feelings for the new rider.  However, failing to properly asses the present situation and anticipate the potential future ones could lead to a less pleasant ride and in some extreme cases to very serious troubles.

Being prepared and aware will not only account for a truly glorious ride, but it offers more chances to make it safe home if the going gets tough.

10. Consider all of the above, show respect and ride well.

The final advice would be to run through all the previous chapters once more and try to understand some of the basic things about bikes and road usage.

Here’s the link to the complete list of motorcycle riding tips:

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11 ‘must know’ tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain

Even if you try to dodge rainy days, most likely at some point in the rainy season, you won’t be able to avoid riding through the rain.

Chances are, you are more likely get into an accident when out riding through foul weather. There are many reasons why riding in the rain is dangerous both to your health and personal safety.

One reason is that, riding through the rain lessens your visibility and, as a result, you can’t either see other vehicles or road hazards, road signs or, most critically, other drivers can’t see you. Second, you are exposed to the element and your body will suffer from the cold wind and rain without proper motorcycle rain gear.

To stay safe throughout a storm, here are 11 tips on how to ride a motorcycle in the rain:

1. Before going out for a ride, check your headlights, tail lights and brake lights. Flip your signals to see if it’s all operating properly.

2.  Wear protective rain gear. Always bring with you your motorcycle rain gear which will include waterproof jackets, pants, gloves, boots and goggles. This gear will mean so much for your personal safety and comfort.

3. Wear clear lenses. Choose spectacles, face shield or any eye wear that will help you see clearly in the rain.

4. Ride slowly. Keep in mind that in rainy days your tires get less friction or traction from the road causing your bike to slide. Check your tires. Old tires will lessen your traction.

5. Maintain a secure distance between you and the next vehicle. Since the road is wet, braking will be troublesome. You’ll bump or crash to the next vehicle if you don’t give enough space to maneuver your bike.

6. Keep within the middle of the lane. This is one of the best ways to let other drivers notice you.

7. Drive in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you.  Their tires will help clear water from the road.

8. Don’t forget to turn your head light on. This may assist you see the road clearly and at the same time, let other vehicles see you. Keep in mind that in gloomy or foggy atmospheric condition visibility is incredibly vital.

9.  Don’t drive over potholes, man-hole covers, and painted stripes on the road.  These can all be slippery and dangerous road hazards.

10. Stay alert and follow the road signs.

11.  Wear bright color garments. This may increase your visibility.

Take your personal safety seriously especially when riding in the rain. Follow all the ideas given above because riding in the rain is one of the most difficult riding conditions.

Best Winter Clothes for Motorcycle Riders

How to Ride Comfortably in Winter?

Image source: http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/

When winter shows it’s ugly side, most people bundle-up, settle-in and write-off this time of the year as “not great for riding.”

Admittedly, this is one of the most difficult seasons for motorcycle riders. It’s not easy to drive a motorcycle on the snow and the cold weather makes riding uncomfortable. In the winter, riding is very different. You are exposed to the harsh weather, traction suffers, other drivers can be complete nuts.

How can you make riding during this time of the year comfortable and safe?  Well, you can start with good protection.

What are the best winter clothes for motorcycle riders?

One of the primary concerns of riders during the winter season is how to protect their body against the cold, chilly and biting wind or snow. Even seasoned riders will admit that riding during the winter season is really hard and uncomfortable. However, this is not reason enough for you to stop riding.

First, a true rider does not shrink from a challenge.

Second, there are times that you can’t avoid riding your bike even if it snows.

Third, there are winter clothes you can use which can make riding in the snow bearable, safe and comfortable.

Here are some of the winter clothes for motorcycle riders:

1. Waterproof motorcycle rain suit. Wearing a one piece or two piece motorcycle rain suits during winter season can provided added protection against the harsh weather. There are different kinds of motorcycle rain suits in the market but you need to choose wisely. Choose motorcycle rain suits with thermal inner lining to keep you warm despite the snow or rain.

2. Thermal undershirt or long sleeves. Wearing a thermal undershirt can keep you warm and comfortable. It will protect your body against the cold and will not allow wind, rain or snow to get through your skin. Choose a thermal undershirt that fits perfectly to your body. A bulky undershirt can be a problem while riding.

3. Jacket. A waterproof jacket (if you don’t have a full riding suit) will not only keep you warm but will prevent you from getting soaked to the skin. The perfect motorcycle jacket is one made with breathable membrane, has front and back air vents and has a thermal lining to keep your body heat. It must be made from thick leather and waterproof.

4. Water Resistant Motorcycle Pants. Motorcycle rain pants or trousers can keep the lower part of your body warm and dry. There is no use wearing a water resistant jacket when you can’t protect the lowers part of your body from freezing from the cold.

5. Waterproof boots and gloves. To fully protect your body against the cold during the winter season cover your feet and hands with waterproof boots and gloves. Remember that these parts of our body are as exposed to the cold also. Despite wearing a motorcycle rain suit, you’ll still feel the cold if your hands and feet are not properly covered. Controlling your motorcycle is difficult if your fingers and toes are cold.

Proper clothing is very important in order to ride safely not only during the winter season but at all times. Listed above are the essential winter clothes motorcycle riders should use.