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7 “Must Do’s” to Prepare your Bike for Winter Season

How to Prepare your Bike for Winter Season?  Here are 7 “Must Do’s”

motorcycle for winter riding

Winter is unquestionably here! This is often one of the toughest times of the year to be out riding on your bike. However, for a seasoned bike rider, riding throughout the winter season is nothing new. Though it may be uncomfortable riding in the snow and tougher to fight the cold, with the right skills and gear you can survive the ride.

Though as important as preparing ourselves, it is also very important to prepare our bikes for the winter season.

Learning ways to keep your bike in prime condition throughout the winter season can be a challenge. To help you out, here’s a list of things you can do in order to prepare your bike.

1. Check or replace your tires. Riding throughout the winter season means potentially riding in the snow.  During the winter season the road is slippery. Check your tires in case they need replacement due to low tread and/or to change out for better winter tires altogether.  New tires will give you maximum amount traction and you can’t go wrong with tires that are specifically made for the winter season.

2. Check your lights. This is maybe a “no brainer” but one of the most important pieces of winter riding gear when you’ll be riding more in the dark and visibility is a problem.

3. Use coolant. You need to use or fill the system with anti-freeze to shield your bike from deep freeze damage.

4. Use Mudguard. This can facilitate managing the quantity of dirt, mud and spray that may stick or accumulate on your bike. This will keep away the dirt that may affect the engine of the bike. Mudguard can also scale back corrosion and the probability of water getting in the electrical system.

5. Install a windshield. Throughout the winter season, a bike with raised and adjustable-bubble screen is ideal. It will help shield your eyes and body from the cold air.

6. Check your chain (if you have one). Except for tires, chain maintenance is incredibly important. Continually check the chain of your bike to keep corrosion at bay. Always give lubrication to increase chain and sprocket life.

7. Use reflectors. Along with ensuring your lights are working, reflectors also help us to be visible to every driver in the road. You can add reflective stickers on different areas of your bike particularly those parts that don’t seem to be very visible in the dark.

These are the things you need to do in order to prepare your motorcycle for winter riding.