Rain and two wheels often a tough mix

Bud Wilkinson shared his thoughts about riding in the rain in his latest post on Republican American.

Motorcycle Rain Gear

Maybe it’s time to buy a motorcycle rain gear. While I’ve never limited myself to fair weather riding, the drizzle, the showers and the full-on rain encountered in the past week when riding has me considering the acquisition of apparel designed to prevent wet jeans, a dripping leather jacket and squishy feet upon getting home.

When riding in the rain, it is not fun removing clammy garments then hanging them in assorted places to dry or wringing out socks. The only upside to soggy sojourning is your bike is clean for the next ride. Rain makes me a chicken rider due to the possibility of oil and other vehicular drippings being diffused across the blacktop.

More riders these days actually still get out for a ride no matter the forecast. The esprit de corps among riders seemingly elevates, because riding in the rain says the motorcycle operator is serious about the recreation.

The last time I bought a rain gear, a two-piece PVC rainsuit made by Tour Master, it held up for one use before falling apart. That was more than eight years ago. Maybe enough time has passed from that bad experience to try again.

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