Qualities of the Best Motorcycle Rain Suits

What to look for in a motorcycle rain suit

Wearing a motorcycle rain suit is the only way you can stay completely dry no matter how heavy the rainfall is during your ride.  A rain suit offers the most complete protection – from head to toe – thus allowing you to enjoy a motorcycle ride despite bad weather.

In fact, rain suits coupled with rain boots, gloves, and a helmet is the best investment and really cheap insurance over the many miles and years you will ride. If you take your time to properly choose a motorcycle rain suit that is waterproof, made from good quality materials and designed to overcome bad weather condition then it is a good investment. There are so many benefits in purchasing a rain suit- making it worth the price you paid.

What are the qualities of the best motorcycle rain suit?One-piece motorcycle rain suit

  1. It is easy to pack. Since you can’t be sure of the weather, you need to pack a rain suit every time you went for a ride. However, you want to bring something that does not occupy too much space on your saddle bag. Good rain suits are convenient, easy to pack and unpack.  If you can, or like to, you can buy an all-season suit that will allow you to ride in and out of rain without stopping to change riding gear.  That’s absolute minimum space.
  2. Easy to wear or easy to put on and get off. Rain suits are made for your comfort right? However there are some suits that are hard to slip on. This kind will get you wet because you have to struggle for few minutes just to put it on. Choose a motorcycle rain suit that you can unpack and slip on quickly with generous openings and strategically-placed zippers on the pants’ legs so that you can easily put it on.
  3. Waterproof, without a doubt.  “Water resistant won’t cut it”.  You’re reason for wearing a rain suit is to keep dry and stay dry throughout your journey. However, be careful with the kind of rain suits you choose. Make sure that it is water proof, has closures on the waist, neck, cuffs and other parts of the body that wont’ let rain or water leak in.
  4. A proper fit. Your rain suit must fit closely, though not constraining, to your body with just enough space to allow you to move and stretch.
  5. Made from highly visible material or color. When it rains, visibility is a problem. For your safety, you want other riders or motorists to notice you despite the heavy rain. Choose a motorcycle rain suit that makes you stand out during this kind of situation.

If you find these qualities on the motorcycle rain suit you’re about to purchase, then you’re right to buy it. This kind of rain suit will survive long period of use and will completely protect you in bad weather.

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