Fundraiser for officer who lost leg in crash

Press of Atlantic City reports about the fundraiser the police held for the officer who lost a leg in a crash.

A month after Atlantic City police officer, Michael Braxton Jr., 27, lost part of his leg in a motorcycle crash, his friends and co-workers hold a fundraiser to help him with medical costs, including a prosthetic and whatever else is needed for him to return to work.

According to Officer Kiyia Harris who was in-charge of the motorcycle benefit ride at the Trump Plaza Beach Bar, Braxton, is determined to be one of the few officers in the state to come back to work after suffering an amputation.

Braxton was thrown from the bike while trying to turn out of the way of a car. The police with him and the driver of the car rushed to his aid.

As first responders, Harris said, “none of us thought for a minute” about coming to his aid. “We were just assuring that he stayed with us,” she added. Now, they are determined to get him back.

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