Motorcycle Rain Suit Options

Choose Your Motorcycle Rain Suit

One of the most common disadvantages of motorcycling is that you are at the whim of the weather. Since you are riding without a roof over your head, you are likely to face rain and even snow (for us northern riders) during spring and winter riding seasons. Riding through the rain is risky and will challenge your riding skills and endurance. Don’t underestimate how serious riding in the rain is.

To protect you against the rain and the cold wind, wear a motorcycle rain suit.

What are the things you need to consider in choosing a motorcycle rain suit?

When looking for a rain suit, you can choose:


Most riders prefer leather motorcycle gear because they can be snug, form fitting and, honestly, on some people can look cool. Leather motorcycle suits come with different fit, style and will suit different riding seasons. However, in a downpour, leather may not be the best protection. During light rain, leather suits will be fine to help block the cold wind and can keep you dry. If the suit has thermal lining, you’ll get extra protection. Aside from that, leather motorcycle rain suits offer perhaps the best protection from abrasions and cuts during accidents.

Most leather suits are water resistant (be careful here). However, some suits are not as resistant to weather as you may think. Only those suits that are enhanced with Gore-Tex® materials are said to be really effective in the rain.

In fact, one of the hottest trends are these enhanced leather motorcycle rain suits. A leather motorcycle rain suit that is made from Gore-Tex is a combination of the best leather and waterproofing materials allowing you to wear a tear and water resistant suit. If you can’t find a leather suit made from Gore-Tex material, then your next option is to find a motorcycle rain suit that is specially treated to make it waterproof or weather resistant.


Another option is to purchase one of the motorcycle rain suits that are made from high-tech synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and Kevlar. Suits made from these materials are thinner, cooler and lighter. However, they may not provide the same protection as your leather motorcycle rain suits in a spill. Suits that are made from synthetic materials are best on warm weather or during the summer. Unlike leather, basic nylon suits made will not protect your body against abrasions and other injuries on a crash or collision and will require that you wear a second layer of crash protection under a nylon rain suit.

You can choose the right motorcycle rain suit to purchase, knowing some of this new info above. Always remember that your primary concern is your safety, convenience and comfort.

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