Motorcycle Rain Boots

The Best Motorcycle Rain Boots

Do not let a shower of rain stop you from enjoying a day of riding. You can even turn this situation into an exciting adventure as long as you have the right motorcycle rain gear to help you survive the weather. There are different parts to a good motorcycle rain gear set that a responsible rider should bring when out riding. This article will discuss one piece of gear that is as important as the others – motorcycle rain boots.

Your set of motorcycle rain gear is not complete with out a pair of motorcycle rain boots. Even if you have a one piece or two piece motorcycle rain suit, you still need a pair of boots that will keep your feet dry. It defeats the purpose of a rain suit to keep you dry and warm if your feet are exposed to the element and the bad weather.

Different kinds of motorcycle rain bootsMotorcycle Rain Boots

There are different kinds of motorcycle rain boots in the market today. They come with different styles, sizes, materials, color . . and brands. However, their purpose is the same – to keep your feet dry. Most of the time the boots are made from nylon or rubber materials. But the best are made of far better materials.

If you are looking for the best pair of motorcycle rain boots, then look for a waterproof boots. Waterproof motorcycle rain boots can handle wetness and will keep your feet dry during a slight drizzle or heavy rain. You should choose a pair of boots that are compact, light-weight, made from waterproof materials and have adjustable straps. Aside from being weather resistant, it is also best to choose rain boots that are easy to put on. And you want durable, non-slip soles. Nothing like putting your foot down at a wet, oily intersection and having your foot slip out from under you and your bike seconds later on its side in the middle of the street. Non-slip is critical.

If you want to go cheap, get some basic boots and supplement with motorcycle rain boot covers. These are fold-able, nylon kicks that you wear over your existing boots. Boot covers will do a pretty job of keeping your feet dry if your existing pair of boots is not weather resistant. However, your feet will get hot, you’ll have to stop to put them on. It’ll be better if you go for a pair of all-around, waterproof boots.

Even if you are planning to brave the rain over a short ride, it is still best to wear appropriate clothes and motorcycle rain gear. You can’t really predict the weather. One moment it’s just a light rain but it might turn into a deluge. Therefore make it a practice to wear waterproof motorcycle rain boots, not just your full motorcycle rain suit.



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