Good Motorcycle Rain Pants

Qualities of Good Motorcycle Rain Pants

Riding and owning a motorcycle for many of us is our number one passion. However, riding a motorcycle has some disadvantages and one is that stormy, rainy day. During a season when you can’t avoid riding through the rain, you need to have the right gear. If you are already geared up with helmet, gloves and good rain boots, you’ll need to be sure you complete the set with motorcycle rain pants. Don’t assume your leathers or jeans will protect you.

Nowadays, most motorcycle rain pants might look like normal pants or jeans. Both might look similar but they are not actually the same. Motorcycle rain pants are very focused and functional on a rider’s safety. When purchasing this gear, you must know the characteristics and advantages of quality motorcycle rain pants. Buying your own motorcycle gear is vital and you have to consider several factors when buying.

Good Qualities of Motorcycle Rain PantsMotorcycle Rain Pants

Many of the best motorcycle rain pants these days are made of Cordura®, a type of nylon. This material is durable and will be worth every dollar/pound/euro of the purchase price in keeping your warm and dry.

Sitting in a motorcycle for an extended time can be strenuous and with this regard, the comfort when choosing a motorcycle pant is essential. Almost all of motorcycle rain pants are designed for the comfort of motorcycle riders. Some pants may look funny since it might balloon on the knees and on up to the hip. They might look a little goofy if you are walking around town in them, but they are designed for sitting position and not for standing up.

Look for a pant that is lightweight and includes hook and loop closures as well as a double storm flap at the crotch.

Since riding a motorcycle on the highway during gloomy day is dangerous, good motorcycle rain pants are made with increased visibility through reflective piping on the back, chest, leg and back.

Most motorcycle rain pants match a motorcycle rain jacket which is ideal if you want to reduce the amount of gear you own and carry. You can get a multipurpose/all-around waterproof jacket and match the pants.

The best motorcycle rain pants are made from water resistant materials (of course) but also do not shrink once wet and dried, and are very well ventilated.

However, motorcycle rain pants also have disadvantages. Most motorcycle rain pants are not suitable to pair with your casual t-shirt or jacket. Since its purpose is protection against the rain, you may feel awkward wearing it after the rain stops.


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