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Choosing The Right Gear for Rainy Season

The Right Gear for Rainy Season

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Riders need to be comfortable on their bikes particularly on long journeys. Nobody expects you to endure getting soaked and cold to bones once you still have miles to go on a rainy day. Throughout the raining season, it’s best for riders to own the proper gear to keep them heat and dry. There are motorcycle riding gear that will stop the cold and keep you dry when riding in the rain. You need to bring proper riding gear on your saddlebags.

There are different types of riding gear for rainy season.  If you’re looking for a reliable rain gear, the following tips will sure enough help:

1. Obtain motorbike rain gear that suits your budget. Motorcycle rain gear is available in different sizes, colors, brands, materials and value. You can obtain low cost gear however you can’t make certain of its quality and for how long it can last.  Choose you gear wisely. Stick to your budget but make sure you choose good quality products.

2. Be specific. Make certain of what you would like. Before you visit the closest store, make certain you have gear in mind. Decide which to buy, a one piece motorcycle rain suit or a two piece suit?  If you already know what to buy, you don’t have to waste time browsing aimlessly.

3. Get the proper size. Finding the proper motorcycle rain gear is less complicated if you recognize the dimensions that you simply need. Choose a motorcycle rain suit that fits your body but doesn’t limit your movement. The legs of your pants ought to be large enough to permit you to wear it even along with your boots on. Your jackets should not permit rain or wetness seep through your garments and high collars in order that it will reach the base of your helmet.

4. Choose motorcycle rain gear that has enough reflective materials. You need to be visible even throughout gloomy or rainy conditions. Bright colored suits and gear will keep you safe when riding in the rain.

5. Opt for motorcycle rain gear that gives the best protection from the rain and the cold. Some rain suits claimed to be waterproof but actually some are not. Check if the motorbike rain gear you‘re about to purchase was made up of Gore-Tex material or not.

The guidelines to find the proper motorcycle rain gear revolve around safety, comfort and protection.

Best Winter Clothes for Motorcycle Riders

How to Ride Comfortably in Winter?

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When winter shows it’s ugly side, most people bundle-up, settle-in and write-off this time of the year as “not great for riding.”

Admittedly, this is one of the most difficult seasons for motorcycle riders. It’s not easy to drive a motorcycle on the snow and the cold weather makes riding uncomfortable. In the winter, riding is very different. You are exposed to the harsh weather, traction suffers, other drivers can be complete nuts.

How can you make riding during this time of the year comfortable and safe?  Well, you can start with good protection.

What are the best winter clothes for motorcycle riders?

One of the primary concerns of riders during the winter season is how to protect their body against the cold, chilly and biting wind or snow. Even seasoned riders will admit that riding during the winter season is really hard and uncomfortable. However, this is not reason enough for you to stop riding.

First, a true rider does not shrink from a challenge.

Second, there are times that you can’t avoid riding your bike even if it snows.

Third, there are winter clothes you can use which can make riding in the snow bearable, safe and comfortable.

Here are some of the winter clothes for motorcycle riders:

1. Waterproof motorcycle rain suit. Wearing a one piece or two piece motorcycle rain suits during winter season can provided added protection against the harsh weather. There are different kinds of motorcycle rain suits in the market but you need to choose wisely. Choose motorcycle rain suits with thermal inner lining to keep you warm despite the snow or rain.

2. Thermal undershirt or long sleeves. Wearing a thermal undershirt can keep you warm and comfortable. It will protect your body against the cold and will not allow wind, rain or snow to get through your skin. Choose a thermal undershirt that fits perfectly to your body. A bulky undershirt can be a problem while riding.

3. Jacket. A waterproof jacket (if you don’t have a full riding suit) will not only keep you warm but will prevent you from getting soaked to the skin. The perfect motorcycle jacket is one made with breathable membrane, has front and back air vents and has a thermal lining to keep your body heat. It must be made from thick leather and waterproof.

4. Water Resistant Motorcycle Pants. Motorcycle rain pants or trousers can keep the lower part of your body warm and dry. There is no use wearing a water resistant jacket when you can’t protect the lowers part of your body from freezing from the cold.

5. Waterproof boots and gloves. To fully protect your body against the cold during the winter season cover your feet and hands with waterproof boots and gloves. Remember that these parts of our body are as exposed to the cold also. Despite wearing a motorcycle rain suit, you’ll still feel the cold if your hands and feet are not properly covered. Controlling your motorcycle is difficult if your fingers and toes are cold.

Proper clothing is very important in order to ride safely not only during the winter season but at all times. Listed above are the essential winter clothes motorcycle riders should use.

The Best Protection Against Rain

How to be Protected when Riding in the Rain?

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Many riders fancy riding in the rain despite it not being a perfect riding condition. The challenge and risk of riding through foul weather gives some of us riders a special thrill.  But, yes, others may think riding in bad weather as a dangerous thing to do. Well, there is some extra danger when riding in the rain under these conditions which can be made worse without the right gear and the proper riding skills.

Despite the additional risk of riding in foul weather, which with education and caution are manageable, there are people who consider it refreshing and fortifying.  You can also a day of riding in the rain if you have the right gear to protect your body and keep your mind focused on the road and your own safety.

If you are going to ride and not let a little rain prevent you from an honest ride, it’s best to bring a complete set of motorcycle rain gear. Good gear will keep you warm throughout the ride.

Rain Jacket. If you don’t want to get wet and uncomfortable while riding wear a heavy duty or water proof jacket. Getting caught in a downpour with your regular motorcycle jacket isn’t ideal. When looking a motorcycle rain jacket, choose the one that with a high collar to stop rain from soaking your clothes. Choose also a jacket that has sleeves that sealed firmly on your wrist and waist to keep water from running through your hands and body.

Rain Pants. Other than a weather resistant jacket, strengthen your protection with water-proof pants to help shield the lower a part of your body. You must wear motorcycle rain pants in order to safeguard your legs in a crash and to keep you dry when riding through the rain. To make sure you’ll get dry, buy a motorcycle rain pants sealed around your waist and ankles, have elastic stirrup straps that may anchor your pant suspenders that may facilitate it on a secure position while you’re riding.

Rain suit. There are two kinds of motorcycle rain suits; one piece and two piece suits. This is really the max.  Nothing beats the protection that a full motorcycle rain suit can provide when riding in inclement weather

Helmet.  A motorcycle helmet is one of the MOST important pieces of gear a rider should wear with or without rain. However, since riding in the rain presents a lot of danger compared to riding in a sunny day, it is highly recommended.  Here you want a DOT and SNELL certified full-face helmet.

Waterproof boots. To keep your feet from getting wet, wear motorcycle rain boots. Your feet will simply get wet from the rain or from spatter of water from the road or other vehicles.  There is no point in wearing the other motorcycle rain gear if you are still cold because your feet are exposed.

Go ride.  And ensure you have the best protection against the rain – a good full set of motorcycle rain gear.  As a rider, you can’t really avoid riding in foul weather once in a while. However, with the help of the right gear, you will be protected, secure and comfortable.



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Qualities of the Best Motorcycle Rain Suits

What to look for in a motorcycle rain suit

Wearing a motorcycle rain suit is the only way you can stay completely dry no matter how heavy the rainfall is during your ride.  A rain suit offers the most complete protection – from head to toe – thus allowing you to enjoy a motorcycle ride despite bad weather.

In fact, rain suits coupled with rain boots, gloves, and a helmet is the best investment and really cheap insurance over the many miles and years you will ride. If you take your time to properly choose a motorcycle rain suit that is waterproof, made from good quality materials and designed to overcome bad weather condition then it is a good investment. There are so many benefits in purchasing a rain suit- making it worth the price you paid.

What are the qualities of the best motorcycle rain suit?One-piece motorcycle rain suit

  1. It is easy to pack. Since you can’t be sure of the weather, you need to pack a rain suit every time you went for a ride. However, you want to bring something that does not occupy too much space on your saddle bag. Good rain suits are convenient, easy to pack and unpack.  If you can, or like to, you can buy an all-season suit that will allow you to ride in and out of rain without stopping to change riding gear.  That’s absolute minimum space.
  2. Easy to wear or easy to put on and get off. Rain suits are made for your comfort right? However there are some suits that are hard to slip on. This kind will get you wet because you have to struggle for few minutes just to put it on. Choose a motorcycle rain suit that you can unpack and slip on quickly with generous openings and strategically-placed zippers on the pants’ legs so that you can easily put it on.
  3. Waterproof, without a doubt.  “Water resistant won’t cut it”.  You’re reason for wearing a rain suit is to keep dry and stay dry throughout your journey. However, be careful with the kind of rain suits you choose. Make sure that it is water proof, has closures on the waist, neck, cuffs and other parts of the body that wont’ let rain or water leak in.
  4. A proper fit. Your rain suit must fit closely, though not constraining, to your body with just enough space to allow you to move and stretch.
  5. Made from highly visible material or color. When it rains, visibility is a problem. For your safety, you want other riders or motorists to notice you despite the heavy rain. Choose a motorcycle rain suit that makes you stand out during this kind of situation.

If you find these qualities on the motorcycle rain suit you’re about to purchase, then you’re right to buy it. This kind of rain suit will survive long period of use and will completely protect you in bad weather.

How to Keep Dry When Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain?

Stay Dry Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

The reason why you bought a motorcycle is to enjoy a motorcycle ride as often as you want. Before purchasing your first bike, you probably had plans for touring, carving The Dragon, saving some money on your daily work commute, or maybe the Round The World Trip of a lifetime.  If you want to fully enjoy your bike, you’re going to ride it all the time and on all kinds of weather. With the help of motorcycle rain suits and riding gear, you can enjoy a ride – rain or shine.

Since weather is unpredictable, you don’t want to get wet or frozen when rain unexpectedly appears. There is motorcycle gear that will help keep you dry and warm as you travel. Here is some of what you need to bring or wear on a trip in order to stay dry when riding a motorcycle in the rain:

  1. Rain Suit—Rain suits come in two types. The most popular is the two piece motorcycle suit that consists of a pair of pants and jacket.  The other option is the one piece suit. Either will keep your body dry despite the rain and will protect you from the cold weather. Wearing a motorcycle rain suit will make your trip more comfortable.
  2. Helmet—wearing your helmet keeps your head protected from the sun, dusts, wind, insects, rocks, and elements of bad weather.  If you prefer to wear an open face helmet, make sure to wear eye glasses to protect your face and eyes from the wind, dusts, and insects while you’re riding your motorcycle.
  3. Layer your clothes—wearing a layer of clothing underneath your motorcycle rain suit will keep your body warm. Make sure you start wearing a moisture cloth, and then add some extra on your second layer. But it depends on how cold the weather is forecast.  You can always pack some extra clothes layers.
  4. Non-slip Gloves—wearing this kind of gloves will keep your hands protected and help you maintain control of the bike. Gloves with waterproof lining will keep your hands warm. The colder the weather, the faster your hands get cold. Make sure to stop in longer rides to check your hands in order to prevent your fingers from getting too cold.  Cold hands=less control and more risk while riding.
  5. Waterproof Boots—Aside from wearing a rain suit, you will be much comfortable and protected when you wear your waterproof boots. Your boots will not only keep you feet dry and warm but this will keep your feet safe from mud, oil, and heat from the engine.

In all your motorcycle adventure, it is best to have the correct gear in order to be prepared for the sudden change of the weather and to make your trips successful.

Good Things to Consider When Planning a Motorcycle Road Trip

Planning A Motorcycle Road Trip?

Are you planning for a long road trip? How do you prepare for it? Did you book your accommodations already? Have you mapped out all the spots you want to visit? What are the things you’ve packed? Cell phone, map, snacks, tent (or hotel money), flashlight, trash bags, extra clothes. . .

Planning plays a major role in the success of your motorcycle trip. If you are going for a long road trip, it is very possible to meet unexpected events along the way.

Of course you are ready for rain; right?  What if it suddenly rains? Do you have your motorcycle rain suit?

Really, you can’t expect rain to give way to your plans. In fact, it is something that most motorcycle riders dread –  the dark clouds ahead; the sudden drop in temperature. You know that despite the good weather forecast, you should prepare for rain. Actually, you should prepare for a bad day; anything can happen on the road.

What type of motorcycle gear?

When choosing a motorcycle rain suit, remember to consider safety over fashion. In other words, your motorcycle rain gear will not only keep you dry and warm but safe also. Riding in the rain presents a lot more problems. Aside from getting wet and feeling miserable, you have less traction from the road and less visibility. All of these will challenge your riding skills as well as your safety.

You want to be really efficient?

Choose a rain suit that will double as protective gear. A combo suit can protect your body from unexpected falls or accidents while keeping you warm and dry in tough weather.

Motorcycle rain suits are made from different materials. For protection against abrasion and other injures in case of unexpected fall, choose leather or synthetic rain suits. Although leather is the number one choice of most riders, rain suits made from synthetic materials can protect you just as well.

You are going to find a one piece or two piece rain suit but do not forget to choose one that have extra reinforcement in the knee and hip area. In a one piece rain suit, make sure that it can be connected to your jacket to avoid water from seeping through. Choose a motorcycle rain suit that fits perfectly but does not hinder your movement. The number one problem with riding in the rain is visibility. You must wear bright colored rain suit so that other riders can see you in the rain.

Rain Boots and Gloves

Expect that when the road is wet, your bike may slide and in order to protect the lower part of your body, wear quality motorcycle rain boots too. Good quality rain boots are made from high quality and waterproof material. It must be made from thick and flexible leather also. It should be resistant to water, oil and other petroleum products.

Aside from motorcycle rain boots and suit, you also need to protect your hands thus wearing leather gloves is a good  solution.  These will protect your hands from tearing and will give you extra grip of the controls when riding in the rain.

When choosing a motorcycle rain suit, remember to consider protection over fashion. One more thing, consider safety over fashion. In other words, your motorcycle rain gear will not only keep you dry and warm but safe also. Riding in the rain presents a lot more problems. Aside from getting wet and feeling miserable, you have less traction from the road and less visibility. All of these will challenge your riding skills as well as your safety.


Now, the most important part of your body you must protect is your head. Wear a helmet to protect your head from head injuries. Now because it’s raining and it’s important to see the road clearly, you need to have a face shield.  A full-face helmet with face shield is recommended for maximum safety.

When going out for a motorcycle ride, whether it’s a short or long ride, you are advised to wear protective gear. There are lots of motorcycle clothes and gear available in the market today. Take some care and precaution when choosing the kind of gear to purchase.  It’s your own personal insurance on a bad day.

Ride Your Motorcycle Safely in the Rain

Ride Safely in the Rain

A Motorcycle rain suit is a necessity for all motorcycle riders. Even during a bright and sunny day, bringing your motorcycle rain gear is still a must because you can’t really trust the weather to cooperate with your plans. Once you are prepared for riding through a downpour, you can turn this situation into a fun and exciting experience. How?

There are things you need to remember when riding in the rain.

First, you need to stay safe. How? By staying safe means you need to remember that this is not your usual riding condition thus you need to be extra careful. Remember the importance of traction, of being seen by other riders and especially car drivers, and make sure that you can see the road and don’t overdrive your headlights or drive in bad visibility.

Second, you need to dress properly. This means that you need to carry along with you a motorcycle rain suit. A complete set of motorcycle rain gear will consist of a motorcycle rain suit, waterproof boots, pants, jackets, gloves, goggles and boots or boot covers. When it comes to rain suits, you have two choices: one piece and two piece rain suit. Both are very effective in keeping you dry and warm while riding in the rain because both are water resistant and will provide protection against the cold wind and the splashing mist from other vehicles. The only difference between these two is personal comfort and ease of entry.

  1. A one piece motorcycle rain suit is like a jumpsuit made from leather, nylon or polyester. Because it is a one piece suit, getting in and out of it can be a struggle especially if there’s no one to assist you. Often you can wear this suit under or over another jacket.
  2. Two piece motorcycle rain suits are very popular to most motorcycle riders. They consist of a motorcycle jacket and pants thus allowing you to wear the jacket or pants alone when the weather allows it. However, because it’s a two piece suit, water can enter around the waist of the suit, if not properly fit.

In order to avoid this kind of problem you need to choose a suit that fits perfectly to your body. The pants should have an elastic waist so that you can wear it over or above your existing clothes. The legs of the pants must have hook-and-loop closure and zipper to allow you to put on your boots. Aside from that, it is ideal to choose motorcycle rain pants with heat resistant inner lining to keep you warm and dry even if it rains.

Next is the motorcycle jacket which must fit well to your body. Loose jackets can be a problem because the seams will flap against the wind and will let water to seep through to your clothes. Some riders prefer a jacket with a hood especially for prolong exposure in the rain. Your motorcycle jacket can be made from treated leather, hi-tech synthetics like nylon and polyester, or denim (though you should be cautious of assuming anything but nylon or synthetics will be really water proof).

Whether you are a veteran or newbie rider, being aware of the loss of traction, and managing the limited visibility for you and other drivers while wearing a complete motorcycle rain suit will help you ride safely in the rain.

Protection is More than just a Motorcycle Rain Suit

Is a Motorcycle Rain Suit enough to be safe?

When it comes to rain gear, this first question you as a rider might have is to go for a one piece or two piece (motorcycle rain jackets and pants) motorcycle rain suit.

But beyond that basic gear, if you really want to stay dry on your motorcycle during rainy days, what you need to do is to cover every part of your body that is exposed to the element – head, body, legs, and feet.

As we all know, motorcycle rain suits are responsible for keeping your body dry while riding in the rain. Then what will protect your hands and feet from the cold rain? In order to be completely protected from the elements, you must pair your motorcycle rain suit together with the following motorcycle rain gear:

  1. Gloves. Your hands are the most exposed part of your body in the rain. Aside from that, they are very sensitive to cold which could be a real problem because you use them to manage all the controls of your bike. Protect your hands with gloves made for bad weather. You can choose gloves that include Gore-Tex, despite the price, because it can provide better protection that any kind of gloves. Get some with Kevlar too, and you’ve got some “bullet proof” hand protection. If you don’t have Gore-Tex gloves, you can wear latex gloves under your riding gloves to provide extra insulation and will help trap the natural heat of your body.
  2. Wristbands. Do not forget to cover your wrist when riding in the rain. Many riders made the mistake of neglecting their wrists which are very exposed to the elements. You can choose riding gloves that covers the wrist or you can buy a pair of winterized wristbands.
  3. Helmet. Riding in the rain can affect your vision that is why it is a must to choose a helmet and/or goggles/eye protection that will not fog up. However, you might consider wearing another layer of protection beneath your helmet such as a ski mask to keep thermal heat in, especially if you ride in really cold and wet weather.
  4. Rain boots. Some riders neglect to protect their feet when riding in the rain. In order to stay dry on your motorcycle, your feet must be well protected by wearing insulated and waterproof boots. There are different kinds of boots to choose from but only a few are effective in keeping you warm and dry during the worst riding conditions.

Wearing a complete set of motorcycle rain gear while riding through the rain will make a huge difference in terms of your level of enjoyment, comfort and convenience. You shouldn’t let the rain affect your motorcycling trip. All you need to do is to have a great motorcycle rain suit and matched gear in order to stay dry on your motorcycle.


Motorcycle Rain Suit Options

Choose Your Motorcycle Rain Suit

One of the most common disadvantages of motorcycling is that you are at the whim of the weather. Since you are riding without a roof over your head, you are likely to face rain and even snow (for us northern riders) during spring and winter riding seasons. Riding through the rain is risky and will challenge your riding skills and endurance. Don’t underestimate how serious riding in the rain is.

To protect you against the rain and the cold wind, wear a motorcycle rain suit.

What are the things you need to consider in choosing a motorcycle rain suit?

When looking for a rain suit, you can choose:


Most riders prefer leather motorcycle gear because they can be snug, form fitting and, honestly, on some people can look cool. Leather motorcycle suits come with different fit, style and will suit different riding seasons. However, in a downpour, leather may not be the best protection. During light rain, leather suits will be fine to help block the cold wind and can keep you dry. If the suit has thermal lining, you’ll get extra protection. Aside from that, leather motorcycle rain suits offer perhaps the best protection from abrasions and cuts during accidents.

Most leather suits are water resistant (be careful here). However, some suits are not as resistant to weather as you may think. Only those suits that are enhanced with Gore-Tex® materials are said to be really effective in the rain.

In fact, one of the hottest trends are these enhanced leather motorcycle rain suits. A leather motorcycle rain suit that is made from Gore-Tex is a combination of the best leather and waterproofing materials allowing you to wear a tear and water resistant suit. If you can’t find a leather suit made from Gore-Tex material, then your next option is to find a motorcycle rain suit that is specially treated to make it waterproof or weather resistant.


Another option is to purchase one of the motorcycle rain suits that are made from high-tech synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and Kevlar. Suits made from these materials are thinner, cooler and lighter. However, they may not provide the same protection as your leather motorcycle rain suits in a spill. Suits that are made from synthetic materials are best on warm weather or during the summer. Unlike leather, basic nylon suits made will not protect your body against abrasions and other injuries on a crash or collision and will require that you wear a second layer of crash protection under a nylon rain suit.

You can choose the right motorcycle rain suit to purchase, knowing some of this new info above. Always remember that your primary concern is your safety, convenience and comfort.