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Riding a Motorcycle in Spring

Prepping your motorcycle for springtime riding

As soon as the snow starts to melt and the weather starts to warm up, get ready for the spring! A lot of people are excited about the end of winter and the start of spring because it only means one thing – you are free again to ride your motorcycle! It’s the perfect time to take out your bike from its winter storage and gear it up for its first ride of the year. But, before you get so excited about riding out, please remember that riding a motorcycle in spring can be dangerous. Why? The simple truth is that you’re not the only one itching for a ride. That means you will be sharing the road to a lot of motorcyclist.

Riding a motorcycle in spring does not require you to wear motorcycle rain suits but a complete riding gear is still advised. Another thing you need to remember is that, your bike has been stored for some time during the winter. Prepping your motorcycle for springtime riding will be quick and easy as long as you properly stored it. However, it is still very important to check its parts for some damage and to make sure they can still function.

To make sure your motorcycle is ready, check the following:

  1. Oil. The first thing that you need to check is the oil of your vehicle whether it is a car or a motorcycle. Oil that runs smoothly through the system will help your engine run at its best. But since you did not use your bike during the winter, it is best to perform a complete oil change just to be on the safe side.
  2. Lubricate some parts of your motorcycle to bring it to life again. It is important to check for dust and rust then lubricate the chains and brakes in order to have a smooth ride. This is also a perfect time to check if your brake pads need replacement.
  3. Charge your battery. After being stagnant the whole winter, it is best to check your battery charge.
  4. Clean your bike. Even though you did the necessary cleaning before storing your bike for the winter, it won’t hurt if you do a little cleaning now that you’re going to ride it for the first time again. Clean the tailpipes, the leather seat and shine up the chrome.
  5. Fill up. Before you ride, remember to fill up your gas or fuel.

This process is quick and easy and will help keep you safe.

Motorcycle Awareness Month: Increased Road Safety Urged for Riders

Motorcycle Awareness

The month of May is the Motorcycle Awareness Month. The Department of Transportation is urging and reminding all motorists to observe road safety. It is always safe for the motorists to drive sober and trained. Department of Transportation reminds the motorists and motorcyclist to share the road and be aware of motorcycles. There is an increased in the number of motorcycles in the road during this month because of the warm weather. The motorcycle awareness program in every state is a reminder that motorists, truck drivers and car drivers should be extra careful in the road. They are encouraged to give several car lengths to avoid accidents.

This May’s campaign is a great way to increase the awareness of the motorcyclists. The riders should always wear protective gear and should stay visible at all times. They must wear appropriate gears such as helmets, jackets, pants, goggles, motorcycle rain suits and gloves. To stay visible, wear bright colour motorcycle gears. As Lubbert, the spokesperson of the Department of Transportation said, “It’s important to wear a helmet, but also full length pants, full armed jackets, gloves and boots, just to protect them in the event of a crash,” “And to make sure that people riding are fully trained”, he added.

Having a valid motorcycle endorsement, quality training on motorcycle safety and wearing safety equipment are simple, yet very important things to keep the motorcyclist from any road accident. For the drivers to be fully aware of the motorcyclists, it is important for the other motorists to understand that a motorcycle has all the same privilege as any vehicle on the roadway. When on the road, look out for motorcyclists on the highway, intersections and be aware of them because riders usually change lanes at all times. Other tip: have plenty of space in front of the vehicle and do not trail the motorcycle closely.

It is important to remember that is not safe to drive while under the influence of alcohol. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any drugs, it can decrease your perception and awareness that can lead to accidents. Driving a vehicle requires total control and concentration whether it is a motorcycle or a car. Be aware that alcohol increases the risk of crashing by 40%. Awareness in motorcycle riding is life changing. Obey these rules to keep you safe from any form of accidents. It is a must not only to yourself, but to the other motorists as well.

Motorcycle Safety: Essential Tips You Should Know

Motorcycle Safety

The rate of fatality of motorcycle accidents is higher as compared to automobiles. There is also a rise in number of people who died in motorcycles accidents due to fatal wounds that having a motorcycle safety course is needed more than ever. Almost every state strengthens their motorcycle safety programs and campaigns to lessen the statistics. Motorcycle safety is a basic topic in motorcycle riding schools and should be practiced to avoid accidents. It is one of the most highly advocated aspects in riding a motorcycle.

If you are a motorcycle rider, you have no doubt, feel the thrill and excitement when riding. Not only first time riders, but as well as professional riders must learn about motorcycle safety.  It is important to know and understand the safety standards and basic riding courses. It is also important to be updated to the current safety standards, tips and techniques. The excitement and the thrill can compensate the sensation if you are safe.

Here are some of the important motorcycle safety tips:

Take motorcycle safety courses. These courses are taught by professionals and qualified coaches. Motorcycle riding schools especially approved by the MSF offered riding techniques and some tips on how to feel comfortable when riding.

Choose the right motorcycle that fits you. It’s not the cool look but the comfort it could bring you. You need be comfortable in your bike, do not choose a motorcycle that is too big or too small for your body. This can only lead you to serious accident.

Wear motorcycle safety gear when riding. Choose the right jacket, gloves, pants and boots that can protect you from harsh weather and serious injury when unexpected collision comes. During the rainy season, wear motorcycle rain suits that will help you see and be seen despite the heavy rain. You can either choose a one-piece motorcycle rain suit or a pair of riding jackets and pants. The helmet is one of the most important gears you should have. Choose the right helmet and diligently wear it at all times because it is required by the law. Choose the one that is approved by the Federal standards.

Lastly, it is important to observe and follow the law. No drinking and driving; this is a fatal mistake that some riders don’t care about. Reckless driving is prohibited by the law. It is in your hands to prevent these accidents to happen. Just follow the rules and you can make a difference.

Motorcycle safety tips for new riders

Motorcycle Safety Tips

There are lots of advantage in riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles are fun and fuel efficient. But  they’re also way more dangerous than a car.

According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a  motorcycle crash than people in a car.

How to avoid this? The key to optimizing your odds is to be prepared and avoid risks.

Here are some more tips to help you  stay safe while riding your bikes:

1. Don’t buy more bike than you can handle.

2. Invest in anti-lock brakes.

3. Hone your skills.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers riding courses that will teach the basic riding practices, as well as advanced techniques.

4. Use your head. Riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury in a crash.

5. Wear the right gear. Use leather or reinforced jacket, gloves, full pants and over-the-ankle footwear, even in summer. You also need to buy eye protection or a motorcycle rain suit during the rainy season.

6. Be defensive. You need to be extra alert.

7. Avoid bad weather. If you need to ride in the rain wear a one-piece motorcycle rain suit or two-piece rain suits.

8. Watch for road hazards. Bumps and potholes can pose serious danger when riding a bike.

9. Be ready to roll.  Before you ride,check the chain, belt or shaft and the brakes. And inspect the tires for wear and make sure they’re set at the proper pressure.

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Essential Riding Gears to Cool Off the Summer Heat

motorcycle riding gear

Summer is definitely here! It’s time to do some physical activities and visit other places. Instead of having to spend the day in the front of computer, it is time to drive around with your motorcycle. Since the heat is on, it is important to protect yourself from extreme heat and dehydration. There are lots of motorcycle riding gears that are available in the market today but it is important to choose the right one that would cater best to your needs. Summer is the time of the year that does not require you to wear a motorcycle rain suit. But, there are important gears to bring when out riding under the summer heat.

Before you hop on your motorcycle, here are the few guidelines to follow to avoid any accidents in the road and keep the cool despite the harsh heat:

1. Helmet that is vented. Recent helmets have specially located vents. It is a must for the air to circulate inside the helmet to dissipate the outside heat.

2. Motorcycle suits. In summer having a suit that has protective layer yet does not trap heat is important. Most of these suits are used like an undergarment for the leather suits. This liner is washable, and helps air to circulate for the body temperature to be regulated.

3.  The same thing about leather jackets. It should be vented so that the air can pass through giving the rider a cool feeling. In order to stay cool and comfortable despite the heat, wear bionic jacket that has a built-in padding to stay cool. This bionic jacket has a mesh material making the heat more bearable.

4. Gloves. Though leather is the deal material for gloves, choose the one that is vented. It allows the air to enter and to cool the body.

Also, you need to check your riding gear. Examine closely the headgear, boots, and other driving accessories to make sure there are no broken parts or bits. When buying a new riding gear, check the quality of the jackets, helmets, gloves, pants and boots. Buy only the right kind of protective gear. There is a wide collection of motorcycle riding gears that are available online and in local stores in your area.

It is important to invest in your safety gear; certain analysis on what you should be getting and what you should not, can save you time and money.


When Buying a Motorcycle Rain Suit

one-piece motorcycle rain suits

Riding a motorcycle is fun and liberating yet it can be messy during wet season. It is important for bikers to be prepared in case they’ll be caught in the rain. It would be a personal achievement to be able to enjoy riding a bike despite bad conditions when other people have no choice but to stay huddled at home or tucked tightly behind the wheels of their cars.

One-piece motorcycle rain suits are helpful during rainy days. The material of the best motorcycle rain suit is flexible in the limbs’ joint areas, which can lessen the resistance of the suit in aggressive driving maneuvers. Suits like these are comfortable and flexible even new and will become a second skin to you in no time at all.

Things to remember in buying a one piece motorcycle rainsuit:

In choosing a color, do not forget that color is more than just a fashion statement. It has a lot to do with your safety.  For rain suits, it is advisable to pick a high visibility color because rain or snow on the highway makes riders harder to see. Other drivers can easily distinguish you even from far away when you choose bright-colored vest or suit. Therefore, there’s a lesser chance of them running into you.

Motorcycle rain suit can give extra warmth aside from your layer of clothing so try to buy rain suit that’s got some extra thermal protection because snow and rain can make the temperature drop lower. Sometimes it is also necessary to consider how many pockets does the suit have. It can be handy when bringing things that wont fit in the bag. Putting things on the pockets of the suit made them very accessible when needed.

Another factor is its durability. Suits that are always exposed to moist should be made of durable materials to last a long time of usage. Of course, less expense in buying a new one.

During shopping for rain gear, there are two options: online and offline. With online purchase, you can compare the review of products and you can save your time. But going to local motorcycle shops can guarantee you the quality of materials and you can check its actual fitting before purchasing.

Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Boots

How to Buy Motorcycle Riding Boots?

Motorcycle Rain Boots

Riding a motorbike isn’t safe when not protected by the right motorcycle safety gear. Wearing complete riding gear will prevent you from getting injury and all kinds of wounds, and bruises .It might even save your life once involved in a motorcycle accident. If you’re lucky not to die on a motorbike crash, then you may still lose cash for treatment of your injuries. Wearing motorcycle riding gear like helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots is therefore very imperative.

There are different kinds of motorcycle riding gear in the market today. In fact, due to its number, finding the right one can be confusing. How to buy the right motorcycle gear? How to buy a good pair of motorcycle riding boots? What important things to consider when buying protective riding boots? If you wish to shop for a motorbike gear particularly riding boots, then take into account the following:

Comfort.  Select riding boots that’s not too tight or too lose. It should fit properly on your feet, feel snug and have lots of area for your toes to move so as to avoid blisters. If you are uncomfortable with the boots you choose then it’s not the right one.  Once you begin to feel uncomfortable with your riding boots while riding, then it’ll become a distraction.

Protection.  When looking for motorcycle riding boots, protection among the most important things to take into consideration. Do not just buy a cool, trendy and expensive riding boots. What you should look for is a motorcycle riding boots that can provide the best ankle and heel protection.  The most important purpose of carrying riding boots is to guard your feet from getting wet during a wet condition, heat from the engine and things like rocks and broken bottles that may hurt your feet.

Remember that you just perpetually use your feet most of the time especially when braking, stopping, cornering and balancing. Also, it’s the primary a part of your body that hits the road once you suddenly come to a stop. Prevent your feet from obtaining bruises, cuts and abrasions by carrying an honest quality boots.

Control. A good quality motorcycle riding boots will assist your management of the machine. Select the one that can help you manage your motorcycle’s foot control simply and should apply firm, non-slip pressure to your gear shifter and rear foot lever.

Suitability. Buy motorcycle riding boots that fits your riding style or the kind of riding you’ll be doing. If you ride in every kind of riding condition and into every kind of weather, select a top quality riding boots. It should be made from waterproof material, breathable and might survive constant use. If you embrace lightweight walks together with your riding, select the one that’s versatile for walking and might mix with completely different outfit.

These are the simple things you ought to take into account when buying motorcycle riding boots.

Bad Result of Motorcycling in the Rain

Why Riding in the Rain Difficult?

best motorcycle rain suit

Imagine yourself as an ordinary citizen of this country. Being a simple employee, your daily routine is to wait for public transportation to bring you to your work place. You have so many friends that have their own means of transportation likes cars and motorcycles, so they ride in comfort while going to work. If given a chance, what would you choose; a car or a motorcycle? Between the two, cars are said to offer more comfort and protection than a motorcycle. Car has roof to protect you from the heat of the sun and from the rain.

On the other hand, a motorcycle has no roof and whether it is a sunny or rainy day; you are exposed to the elements of nature. However, riding a motorcycle is a well-loved hobby, past time and trusted means of transportation by many people. Why is that? As a motorcycle rider, how can you protect your health during a rainy day?

Sure, there are bad effects of riding under the rain. In fact it is quite a challenge but if you wear the best motorcycle train suit you can avoid the following:

Poor visibility – This is very common thing when riding in the rain and in the dark. You can’t see clearly especially when the rain started to pour down large drops of water in the eyes.

Colds, cough and fever – These are just some of the health problems you’re going to deal with once you get soaked for a long period of time. Riding the rain can get you sick unless you cover yourself with the best motorcycle rain suit.

Getting wet and uncomfortable– Riding in the rain without the protection of the best motorcycle rain suit will get you wet and miserable throughout the ride.   Once your entire body starts to freeze, it will be very hard to drive.

Less Traction – Riding in the rain is risky because the road is slippery and you know that slippery road is prone to accident. But you can stay safe if you ride on minimum speed, when you follow the rules of the road. Also, if you wear motorcycle rain gear such as helmet, jackets, pants, boots, goggles and gloves, you can minimize the possibility of collision. With the help of rain gears, you are protected from serious injuries.

There is this saying that protection is better than cure. If you use protection from the rain then you can avoid going through all of this. There are different kinds of motorcycle rain gear that you can use to protect yourself from the rain. Why not use it? Be ready all the time; always carry with you the best motorcycle rain suit.



How to Buy the Right Motorcycle Riding Gear?

Your Guidelines in Buying a Motorcycle Riding Gear

motorcycle rain gear

More and more motorcyclists say that it’s more fun riding your motorcycle in different seasons. Owning a motorcycle and having the best riding gear makes you feel comfortable and sure of yourself while driving. A complete motorcycle riding gear helps you enjoy more activities and adventure whether it’s raining hard or super hot. Because of this, it is very important to choose the right gear.

In order to buy the right motorcycle riding gear, you need to make a guideline. This guideline will help you choose your gear with ease. Once you know exactly the things you want and the characteristics you’re looking for then buying a riding gear won’t be a problem. If you want to buy a motorcycle riding gear, what are the possible things to look for? What can be your guideline?

Here are the guidelines in buying a motorcycle riding gear:

  • Make sure that you check the materials used to create the gear you are going to purchase. Most gears are made from leather, Gortex, and nylon. Buying high quality gear helps you save money and time because this gear can last for long period of time and can survive constant use.
  • Buy your suits a little bigger than you so that you will feel comfortable while riding your bike.  Wearing a too tight gear may hinder your movement and prevents you to control the bike especially when riding under difficult condition.
  • When buying a motorcycle helmet, see to it that it’s a full-faced helmet and transparent so that you can clearly see your surroundings. This kind of helmet will also protect your face against small insects and dust particles that you may encounter while riding.
  • Make sure that you buy an adjustable shoulder, knee, and elbow protectors. It is very helpful to have a riding gear that you can adjust to fit you comfortably and perfectly.
  • Look for a motorcycle rain suit that has pockets and other useful features. This can be an advantage when touring.
  • Remember to choose a riding gear that can provide ultimate safety and comfort.
  •  Make sure that you are buying a gear that will protect your body during accidents and at the same time fashionable. This helps your self-esteem and confidence.
  • And most important is to know how to ask for discounts so that you can save more money while buying good quality riding gear.

These are the simplest guide you can follow when buying a motorcycle riding gear. This guideline is a reminder that you should always choose the best gear for your personal safety and happiness. A good riding performance can be achieved when you are comfortable on top of your bike and knowing that you are protected by the best motorcycle riding gear.


Issues Involved When Looking for the Best Motorcycle Rain Suit

Looking for the Best Motorcycle Rain Suit?

Best Motorcycle Rain Suit

One of the most important items motorcycle riders must consider when out riding is the gear they’ll use when get caught in rainy weather. Motorcycles, unlike cars have no roof to protect you during a downpour. That’s one of the downside of motorcycling. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a ride during the rainy season. Someone said:” A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.” You’re not a true rider if you haven’t ridden in the rain.

Most riders are thrilled to be riding in inclement weather. However, do not forget to be safe first. If you want to ride in the rain then bring your best motorcycle rain suit. What is a motorcycle rain suit and where can you get it? These are two issues involved when dealing with motorcycle rain gear.

There are so many motorcycle rain gear and rain suits in the motorcycle industry. It’s common to hear suppliers bragging about their products and claiming to be the best motorcycle rain suit ever! With a wide range of this product to choose from, choosing the best gear is confusing. The competition is very tight and each product has their specialized publications, and product reviews that point to the best and the most effective rain suit. But if truth be told, the best motorcycle rain suit is the one that suits you and the one you like the best.

The best rain gear depends upon the style and material the suit was made from. Motorcycle rain suits must be made from quality materials such as Gore-Tex, leather or synthetic. This gear must be waterproof, has the features you want and at the same time provides total protection. Aside from that, it must give you comfort and extra warmth. Riding in the rain means dealing with cold wind and rain. Aside from wearing layers of clothing, wear a motorcycle rain suit that offer thermal protection.

The best motorcycle rain suit also has the features you want like the number of pockets it has and how it fits to your body. Also consider the durability of the gear. You should not spend your hard-earned money in buying poor quality gears. Next is to choose between a one-piece or two-piece rain suits. Think of the advantages and disadvantages of having a one piece or two piece rain suits. The last thing you need to be bothered with is the color because fashion is not important. What is important is to choose a high visibility color. Bright colored clothes are very important when riding in the rain because the visibility is low.

Once you have the clear picture of the best motorcycle rain suit that you want, then it’s time to shop.