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Motorcycle Rain Boots and Jackets

There are different kinds of motorcycle rain gears a responsible rider must wear when riding in the rain. Safety gears will keep you in one piece in case you were thrown away, bumped or collided with another motorcycle. Aside from that, rain gears will protect your body against the harsh elements of nature. This post will discuss two of the most important rain gears– the motorcycle rain jacket and boots.

motorcycle rain gear

There are different kinds of motorcycle rain jackets and boots in the market today. The motorcycle industry continues to manufacture and develop different types of motorcycle accessories. They come in different style, size, color, brands and are made from different materials. Most of the time motorcycle rain boots and jackets are made from nylon or leather materials.

However, in buying this motorcycle rain gear you need to think twice. There are factors you need to consider in order to find the right gear; one that is worth all your money.  Quality is very important because despite the wide range of motorcycle jackets and boot out there, not all of them will last for a long period of time. As riders, it is expected that you will wear these gears almost every day and poor quality jackets or boots will not survive constant use.

Choose waterproof jacket and boots. Since the purpose of these gears is to keep you dry whether you are riding on a heavy rain or a slight drizzle, it is just right to use weatherproof gears. You choose a motorcycle jacket and a pair of boots that are compact and light-weight. Aside from being weather resistant, it is also best to choose motorcycle rain boots and jackets that are easy to put on and take off.

Whether you are planning to brave the rain or having a short ride, it is still best to wear appropriate motorcycle gear. You can’t really predict the weather. It is better to be prepared than sorry.


Best Motorcycle Rain Gear List

motorcycle rain gear

Riding a motorcycle during the rainy season or unpleasant weather can be uncomfortable. It is important to wear the best motorcycle rain gear to avoid highway accidents and to protect your health. Any rider would agree that having the best rain gear would improve their judgment and riding performance while on the road. Finding the right gear would involve several important tips that you need to remember.

Here is the best motorcycle rain gear that would provide the best protection from extreme weather conditions:

  1. Motorcycle Helmets. Only fools will ride a motorcycle in the rain without a helmet. Helmets would give the rider protection and clear vision. It is the ultimate protection for your head during collision. There are different types, brands and design of helmets in the market. To be sure that you are making the right choice, buy only the state-approved helmets.
  2.  Motorcycle Jackets. When buying a motorcycle jacket for the rainy season, choose the one that is made of quality cow hide and textile. Ideal jackets are the types that will keep you dry during the rain, gives you more space to move and well ventilated. Flexibility and durability are two of the best qualities a great motorcycle rain jacket must have. The style and its comfort must also be considered.
  3. Leather Motorcycle Pants. These pants should also have the qualities of the motorcycle jackets. The motorcycle rain pants would allow the wearer to move freely. It is flexible and will keep you dry despite the rain.
  4. Motorcycle Riding Boots. Boots came in different styles and designs. Some people like to compliment their motorcycle boots with the style and colour of their helmets, jackets, and pants. You have chosen the right one if the footwear is breathable and at the same time protect and support your feet. To avoid any injuries, choose the one that fit in your size. Boots that comes from cow hide or Buffalo hide is essential to complete your best motorcycle rain gear list.

These are the list of the motorcycle rain gear you need to wear when riding in the rain. Nothing can provide the best protection as these gears can.

Proven Health Benefits of Motorcycling

Benefits of Motorcycling

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Small activities like walking and good eating habits without having to spend sums of money will greatly help a lot in maintaining a healthy body. The trick is to integrate good habits and lifestyle without breaking the bank; you do not have to buy expensive equipment and exercise machines or gear to stay healthy. Motorcycling can do just that. Motorcycle riders and enthusiasts will give out that there’s nothing compares to the thrill and adrenaline rush in riding a motorcycle with a complete motorcycle gear.  More than that, it has believe and proven that there are many health benefits of motorcycling.

Read on and discover these health benefits: studies shows that motorcycle riding provides healthy brain development. People who still ride in their 50’s and 60’s help their brain in its optimum. Furthermore, when riding a motorcycle you have to focus your brain to stay alert. Cognitive skills are also developed. This is because there are circumstances were you must stay alert on the upcoming dangers and potential hazards that may come your way. Through this, your cognitive skills improve because the brain must make fast processing of information in order to respond quickly to the danger. However when into such situations, it is wise to have a complete motorcycle gear for safety precautions.

There is a recent study where they observed different groups of riders; according to classification such as age and gender. The study measure physical effects such as heart rate and muscle fatigue. It has been proven that people who are motorcycle riders for a longer period of time also performed well in cognitive ability. Riding a motorcycle takes a lot of concentration and effort since it takes a lot of effort in the body’s muscle to balance, and steer.  Motorcycling also serves as a daily dose of exercise, thus, improving the mood for these riders.  Anything that improves the mood will definitely makes you happier. So why not try going out for a ride with a complete motorcycle gear to know the difference for happier and healthier lifestyle?


Different Motorcycle Gear for the Rainy Season

motorcycle rain gear

Now a days many people are motorcycle lovers for so many reasons. Some says they are more comfortable riding a bike than a car while some say’s riding motorcycle  is an adventure,  But in riding a motorcycle, you have to face some challenges, like riding uncomfortably during the rainy season. How can you protect yourself from the cold? How you can keep yourself warm despite of the rain? And most especially how can you protect yourself from getting wet because of the Rain.

Here is some of the latest motorcycle rain gear in the market:

1. Rev’IT Pacific H20 Rain Suit. – This motorcycle rain suit is easy to put on.  You can put it on in just a few seconds, non stick, PVC-Free coating on the inside, nylon outer shell, waterproof, breathable, and waterproof.

2.  Dainese Hogan-S Rainsuit.- This motorcycle rain suit has a front opening up to the knee, has thermal inner lining, and pockets on thigh.

3. Dainese Rain Overboots – This is a nylon fabric coated waterproof rain suit, had a rear zipper, and a fabric inserts for heat resistance.

4. Firstgear Sierra Day Glo Rain Pants This motorcycle rain gear will keep your body dry even in the worst downpour because it is waterproof and have cargo pockets in the thigh.

5. Fieldsheer Thunder One-Piece Rain Suit This rain suit is 100% Waterproof, has polyurethane coated polyester shell. An aqua-barrier under the helmet hood helps eliminate seepage in the collar.

6.  River Road Rainstorm 2-Piece Yellow Rain Suit This motorcycle rain suit has a dual storm flap, has a removable hood, a lower leg opening with snaps.

7. Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Rain Jacket  – This rain gear has a tuck away hood design with drip-free collar adjustment, adjustable waistband with draw cord to lock, and full cut for active use and to be worn over insulated clothing.

8. Scorpion Exo-Barrier Rain Pants -This rain suit has reflective trim for increased visibility, the thigh length zipper makes pants easy on and off, and a built-in lightweight mesh Lining.

9. Tour Master Elite II Rain Pants. – This rain pants has a high density nylon seat panel that provides added strength and minimize slipping.  An extra long zippered and gusseted leg cuff with velcro closure allows for ease of dressing

10. Cortech Road Race Rainsuit Jacket and Pants.  The jacket and pants are sold separately, stretch panels through the arms, back shoulder and sides ensures a snug fit at speed while not limiting flexibility. The elastic sleeve cuff ensures a snug fit on any size suit sleeve.

If you are looking for a motorcycle rain gear you can use for the rainy season, then you might consider one of these gears. There are a lot of these kinds of gears in the market today. You can find them on your local store, apparel shop or in the internet.


Be Prepared; Bring Your Motorcycle Rain Gear

motorcycle rain gear

Be prepared. If you are a motorcycle rider who wants to travel all the time, be prepared for the possibility of rain. Despite a good weather in the morning, you can’t really be sure what will happen in the next hour. Weather is so unpredictable. That is why motorcycle rain gear is one of the most important things that motorcycle riders should bring if they want to travel.

Bring your motorcycle rain gear at all times. A heavy downfall should not hinder your plans for the day. Remember that if you want to stay safe while riding or driving your motorcycle, you need to wear proper rain gear. Most riders store their rain gears in the compartment of their motorcycle to easily access it when the rain started to fall.

The most common motorcycle rain gears are:

Motorcycle Helmet – protects your head from the impact of hitting a hard surface after you fall

Gloves – keep your fingers dry and warm and prevent it from freezing

Goggles – protects your eyes from rain, wind and small particles that may irritate it

Jackets – keep the upper part of your body warm and dry

Motorcycle rain pants – keep the lower part of your body dry and warm

Waterproof Boots and Socks – protects your feet and toes from the rain, heat from the engine and impact of hitting a hard surface when gaining balance

There are different companies now that supply motorcycle gears and equipment. There is a wide range of these products to choose from and they came in different sizes, color, style and price. However, make sure that you buy the right product to protect your body from the rain and possible collision against another vehicle.

This only mean that you need to know more about the characteristics of the product you’re going to purchase. See if the product was made from high quality material, durable and weatherproof. If you have a clear picture of the gear you want to buy, it’s easy to find it. If possible, get the best motorcycle rain gear for yourself.

Make sure that you have all kind of gears from head to foot like; gloves, helmets, goggles, jackets and pants, boots, socks, and more. Once you find the best motorcycle rain gear, you will feel safe and comfortable. This is an advantage against other motorists who are dripping wet, freezing and uncomfortable. Do not regret spending your money over these gears. Remember that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Your body is exposed to all kinds of weather and getting exposed to rain and other elements for a long period of time will put your life and health in great risk.