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Summer is a Dangerous Season for Motorcyclists

motorcycle safety

After the rainy season make way for warmer temperatures in Washington, many motorcyclists are intent on getting back on the road. As soon as the summer season starts,  motorcycles flock to the streets to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

But the summer also poses certain safety risks that aren’t necessarily apparent at other times of the year. Most motorcyclists tend to overestimate their own skills after being off the road for months. And drivers, accustomed to having the roads to themselves, may not give motorcyclists the attention they deserve.

The Bernard Law Group is concerned that these circumstances will contribute in the number of motorcycle accidents in the state. Kirk Bernard has seen firsthand the repercussions of such accidents, and he’s dedicated his life not only to assisting victims of motorcycle crashes, but to making sure such incidents never occur in the first place.

The market share of motorcycles has grown because many people are learning how to ride a motorcycle despite their sex, age and background. A recent report from the Insurance Information Institute indicates that the number of registered motorcycles continues to rise, from 8 million in 2009 to 8.2 million in 2010.

With so many people riding motorcycles at any given moment, it’s important that riders take the proper precautions.

To that end, Bernard Law urges all motorcyclists to consider getting motorcycle training, to wear the right equipment or safety gear, to learn how to be visible, to learn how to ride in different weather conditions and to always follow the law.

Following these steps can dramatically improve not only your safety, but the safety of all those you share the road with.

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Motorcycle fatality rates on rise in Illinois

motorcycle fatality rate

For a month dedicated to emphasizing awareness and safety, May turned out to be deadly for motorcyclists in central Illinois.

According to data compiled by the Illinois Department of Transportation, motorcycle fatalities in Illinois climbed from 131 in 2010 to 148 in 2012 for the last two years. An increase of 13 percent is very disturbing according to all motorcycle-transportation officials.

Lt. Col. Scott Abbott of the Illinois State Police said it’s hard to peg one specific reason for why more people are dying on motorcycles. One thing analysts do know,  is that more people are riding motorcycles.

The Cause of the Problem is…

Records show that Illinois has seen a 57 percent increase in the number of motorcyclists registered in the state over the past decade.  On average, Illinois sees about 13,000 new motorcyclists each year, which could be at the heart of the problem. Plus many new riders aren’t getting the proper training while most learn bad riding habits from friends and family members. Other leading accident factors include improper lane usage, not negotiating curves correctly and alcohol.

IDOT launched a campaign called “Start Seeing Motorcycles.” However, Abbot believed that one of the most important thing in preventing fatalities is encouraging people to wear the proper gear. The GHSA listed motorcycle helmet laws as the most effective way to prevent motorcyclist fatalities and serious injuries, noting in the report that 706 motorcyclists would have lived nationally in 2010 had they been wearing a helmet.

Also, Abbott believed that training can correct numerous bad habits and misnomers, such as it’s wise to only use the rear brake to avoid flipping the bike. If more motorcyclists were properly trained, it could reverse the troubling trend.

“In the hands of a skilled rider, motorcycles are as safe as any vehicle,” Abbott said. “But the problem is most people are not as skilled as they could be.

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Firefighter motorcycle club to host ride for Autism Center

motorcycle ride

SAGINAW, Michigan — Last June 9, local area fire fighters hit the streets for a cause. They ride a motorcycle to help children with Autism attend a Great Lakes Bay Autism Center summer camp at Saginaw Valley State University.The three week camp hosts two sessions for different age groups from ages 5 to 12 and includes visits from local police K-9 units and the fire department.

The Saginaw area Axeman Professional Fire Fighters Motorcycle Club host their annual charity motorcycle ride to raise money for the camp with a poker run and pig roast. The participants with the best and worst poker hands received prizes at the pig roast dinner.

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Rain cancels safety session on motorcycles

Columbus, Georgia – Rain has canceled a session focusing on safety for motorcycle riders at the National Infantry Museum. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,motorcycle traffic deaths have increased over the last three years.

The Maneuver Center of Excellence was hosting the Motorcycle Mentorship D-day Remembrance safety ride to emphasizes safety, education of Department of the Army and post motorcycle riding policies and tips for new motorcyclists. The event that should coincide with the start of summer riding season was cancelled due to heavy rain.

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Motorcycle Ride To Raise Funds for Fallen Police Officers

DOVER, Delaware— Current and retired police gathered for the Wall to Wall Memorial Ride at Legislative Mall last Saturday morning. At around 9:30 a.m., the motorcycle riders left the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial, where the names of the state’s fallen police officers are etched in stone.

Three hours later, they arrive at the National Law Enforcement Memorial at Judiciary Square in Washington where more names were written. The ride is meant to draw attention to the memorial and raise funds for maintenance. Half the ride’s proceeds will support the monument; the rest are given to the state chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, or COPS who help rebuild the lives of families of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty.  The organization’s programs include retreats, counseling, scholarships, and kids’ camps.

The ride’s sponsors included Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, the Delaware Police Chiefs’ Foundation, and J. R. Gettier and Associates.

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Kansas Police Remind Drivers to Share Road

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police advise riders and drivers to be more aware of each other as they hit the road after the long winter months.  As the weather warms, motorcycle riders are ready to roll but it usually takes a little while for other drivers to get used to sharing the road to motorcycles again.

“Cars aren’t used to the motorcycle traffic in and out of lanes. It’s a good time of year to start being observant and watching lanes before you switch,” said Capt. Donna Greenwell of the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department.

But it’s not all on the drivers. Police say those on two wheels need to do their part, too. According to Greenwell, they should not ride in blind spots and must be cautious riders.

The motorcycle accidents in the state was caused by drivers, others by the riders, or a combination of both, so police are urging everyone to keep their eyes open and share the road safely because it’s only going to get busier.

“The warmer it gets and the less rain we get, the more motorcycles you’re gonna see out there.”

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Motorcycle event to honor Staten Island 9/11 hero

Motorcycle Run

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — This June 2, 2013, the  fifth annual Lt. Chuck Margiotta FDNY Memorial Brains Brawn Bravery Motorcycle event will take place. This event will serve as a fundraiser for a scholarship fund in honor of Chuck Margiotta, a firefighter who gave his life on 9/11.

Mike Margiotta, his brother, is the family member behind the Lt. Chuck Margiotta, FDNY, Brains, Brawn, Bravery Motorcycle event held every year in early June. The event is a day-long celebration which combines friends, food and fun with Chuck’s and Mike’s love for motorcycles and his buddies in the Rolling Thunder riding club.

This year’s motorcycle run is scheduled in June 2, which will begin at Farrell (2900 Amboy Rd. in Oakwood). The registration will start from 10 a.m. until noon. The ride concludes back at Farrell where the food, beverages and classic rock and roll music will go on for many hours.

The cost for the activities is $20 for riders (passengers ride for free) and all proceeds (donations are welcome and accepted) go toward the Chuck Margiotta Scholarship Fund. This money will support a full four-year scholarship to a student/athlete who wants to attend Farrell, but needs the financial support to do so.

Margiotta said the event could not thrive without the various donations and services provided by businesses from all over Staten Island as well as New Jersey.

For those seeking more information about the event or the scholarship, visit You can also email Mike at or call 718-698-9494.

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An Annual Motorcycle Benefit Run in Ohio

Motorcycle run

ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP —The Concerned Motorcycle Riders of Ohio (CMRO) Region 13 host an annual motorcycle run each year to raise money for the Special Olympics of Ashtabula County.

“This run is huge for us,” said Pam Burnett, of the Ashtabula County Special Olympics.  This is about the 15th year for the ride. All the proceeds from the run benefit the athletes in Ashtabula County.

The annual run, held at Lake Shore Park, is the kick-off event for the riding season. The run is held rain or shine, and despite the somewhat chilly temperatures, the sun was shining.

The Rev. Phillip Miller, of St. Frances Cabrini Parish in Conneaut, blessed the bikes before they embarked on their journey. The run started and ended at Lake Shore Park with stops at several other parks in between.The run also featured a bike show, with the Special Olympics athletes judging it.

CMRO will host six more runs this year, most of which will serve as fundraisers for local organizations. Last year, the group donated more than $9,000 to various organizations in the county, Tackett said.

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Bikers ride for charity

motorcycle ride

TUPELO, Mississippi. Bikers ride in order to raise money to help fund Operation First Response. More than 300 riders and their motorcycles departed Tupelo’s BancorpSouth Arena, headed for  Southern Thunder Harley in Southaven Saturday morning.

The  purpose of this charity event is to raise money to help fund Operation First Response, which covers all five branches of the military for emergency financial relief. According to bikers who participated on the event,  it’s the least they could to do show their support to soldiers.

Many of the bikers are former military and have returned from Afghanistan, Iraq and even Vietnam. They say events like this are worth every dollar raised.

When the charity motorcycle ride was originally put together, the intent was to do it for one year. However, organizers say as long as there is a need, they’ll continue to ride and raise money to help out the soldiers, rain or shine.

This is only one of the many charitable acts bikers in Mississippi  like to do annually because it shows they care for those who are in need of extra assistance. The ride is one of three scheduled for this year.

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Three-day Road Safety Campaign in Scotland

May 21, 2013, Scotland – THE nationwide campaign seen offenders receiving a fine or having their vehicles seized.

Road safety

Motorcyclist speeding at 126mph and other offences were detected in a three-day road safety crackdown. Offenders received a fine or had their vehicle seized in the nationwide campaign held between 7am on Friday and 7am yesterday morning. Some drivers face court over offences.

Over the weekend, many road users were caught over speeding, some drives dangerously and carelessly while others are driving without insurance or valid motorcycle driver’s license. There are people also who were caught driving vehicles in need of repairs.

Police had a particular focus on motorbikes during the campaign and of those caught speeding 39 were bikers.

Inspector Ian Paul, head of the Motorcycle Trunk Road Patrol Group, said: “The weather was not great over the weekend, with most areas in Scotland seeing at least some rain, which kept some riders at home. However, despite the bad weather, there are motorcycle riders who didn’t take the heed of road safety and place themselves in danger by riding in the rain.

“Hopefully the weather will improve and Police Scotland will maintain high visibility patrols throughout Scotland to educate and where necessary enforce all aspects of road safety legislation relating to road safety,” Mr Paul added.

Their priority is working with the community to keep people safe. Road users especially motorcycle drivers are advised to take road safety seriously and to comply with road traffic legislation.

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