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How to Find the Right Motorcycle Rain Gear

Make sure you choose the best motorcycle rain gear for you

Riders want to be comfortable on their bikes especially on long trips. Rainy days can make that tough. Trying to endure being soaked and chilled to bone when you still have miles to cover if rough. During wet and cold conditions, it is best for riders to have the right gear to keep them warm and dry. Motorcycle rain gear can help keep the cold and the discomfort at bay.

Do you have the right kind of gear at the ready in your saddlebags or on your body for when the rain comes? If you don’t, how can you find the right motorcycle rain gear?

There are different kinds and makes of motorcycle rain gear, of course. Some are made for generally damp weather while others are specially made for heavy downpours. If you are looking for reliable rain gear, these tips might help:

  1. Buy motorcycle rain gear that fits your budget. Make sure that no matter your available cash, you have some rain gear. Motorcycle rain gear comes in different sizes, colors, brands, materials and prices. Look for rain gear that is within your budget but still offer the best protection you can get. Just make sure to have some.
  2. Be sure of what you want. Do some research (this site is a great place for that); get an idea of the specific gear your want. Are you after a one piece suit or two piece motorcycle rain suit? Consider the pros and cons of both.
  3. Get the right size. Finding the right size of your motorcycle rain gear is critical. Too big will allow the suit flap and shake in the wind; too small will make your ride very uncomfortable. Make sure that your suit fits perfectly to your body but does not limit your movement. The legs of your pants should be big enough to allow you to wear it even with your boots on. Your jackets must not allow rain or moisture sip through your clothes and high collars so that it can reach the inside of your helmet.
  4. Choose motorcycle rain gear that includes reflective materials. You must stay visible even during gloomy or rainy conditions. Bright colored suits or enhancements can help keep you safe when riding in the rain.
  5. Choose rain gear that provides the best protection from the rain and the cold. Some rain suits claim to be waterproof when in fact they are not. Check if the motorcycle rain gear you‘re about to purchase was made with Gore-Tex material or not. A true waterproof gear generally must be made from Gore-Tex fabric or material.

These tips in finding the right motorcycle rain gear revolve around safety, comfort and last to the list – style. This is because you must think of your safety and comfort more than fashion.