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Best Motorcycle Rain Suits

Best Motorcycle Rain Suits

If you love to ride a motorcycle, then you have already or soon will get caught in the rain. You might think rain is one of your worst enemies, but it doesn’t have to be. You certainly should not let a little rain (or a massive downpour) stop you from riding your motorcycle. If you gear-up well and get equipped with just one of the many motorcycle rain suits available to protect you from the rain, you’ll be able to ride safely. And, perhaps, look good too.

Types of Modern Motorcycle Rain Suits for Men and Women

These days, we should be thankful for the modern comfort we have as riders – we’ve got new gadgets, amazing new bikes, and major improvements in comfort and safety in motorcycle rain suits for men and for women. Gone are the days when we have to wear big and very bulky rain suits. We don’t have to stuff those old vinyl hot-boxes into our side-bags. Those things that are so very uncomfortable to wear. In those “olden days” wearing suits like that made riding a motorcycle in the rain even harder, and most of the time we might have chosen to stay at home.

Too, with a lot more women riders today, style and fit have come as long a way as safety in motorcycle rain gear. Women riders can appreciate the safety that the rain suits can give and sometimes the added bonus of a reasonable female style, unlike before when the suits we just made for the guys. Guys should also appreciate the more modern look and high quality materials of motorcycle rain gear today.

If we talk rain suits, there are basically two kinds of rain suits for motorcycle riders – the one-piece rain suit and the jacket-pants combination or, more commonly known as as the two-piece motorcycle rain suit two-piece motorcycle rain suit.

One-piece motorcycle rain suits are jacket and pants together with a seamless cut. This type if suit resembles a coverall but the material used in making the suit will be selected specifically to protect you from the rain. Though most often the best fitting rain suits, some people say it makes you look like a prisoner.

The separate jacket and pants are the more preferred rain gear of most riders because they can be very comfortable and convenient to wear. Riders especially appreciate the ease of quickly suiting-up when the rain suddenly pours – that is just putting on a jacket and pulling up your pants. There are variations on a theme with jackets that have a hood and some that don’t; pants with pockets, some without. Lots of different features to go around.

The Good and the Bad of Motorcycle Rain Suits

The main benefit of motorcycle rain suits is that when riding (especially when touring) these will really shield you from the elements. We often think our road leathers will “do the trick” but those will last less time than you think as protection from the rain. Getting wet while riding your motorcycle in the rain can lead to distractions like being cold, puddles in your boots, wet pants, rain down your neck – it’s a drag. Even if it is a pain to pack and bring a rain suit with you when you ride on a day that starts out with the scorching heat of the sun, you should always be ready. The weather is so unpredictable, and it pays to be always ready.

One-piece motorcycle rain gear can be very bulky. Most often, it will take some time to get a one-piece suit on, and you probably need to stop and look for dry cover where you can put your rain suit on (and highway underpasses do make good shelters). When the jacket part or the pants part suddenly rips, you need to replace the entire suit unless you find an excellent tailor who can mend the suit for you, hopefully at a price less than buying a new suit.

However, if peak protection is what you are after, then a one-piece suit can best shield your body from the rain. One-piece suits don’t have a seam break between jacket and pants and most often is cut tight to your body so it does not “flap” so much during the ride. The onesie can offer the best protection because your midriff isn’t exposed and you don’t need to worry about the jacket lifting-up your back as you ride. It is more comfortable to ride wearing the one-piece suit and it can provide a great fit.

Two-piece rain suits for riders offer less protection than the one-piece as your jacket can ride-up your back, exposing a part of your body that you want to shield from the rain. Newer models often have extra long tails to avoid this. Some people find the lower parts of a jacket flapping in the wind too annoying and irritating to ride comfortably. But, a jacket and pants combination, or the two-piece rain gear, can be packed without so much fuss and the rain suit is not as bulky as compared to one-piece. You can easily replace the pants or jacket in case one is damaged. It is easy to slip on the jacket and pull up the pants if caught in a sudden rain. And many of today’s jackets are multipurpose – being all-around good in any weather and allowing you to just carry rain pants as the extra accessory.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Rain Suits

Know that the best motorcycle rain suits in the market are the ones that can fully protect and safeguard you from the rain, first and foremost. Safety must always come first before fashion (although most rain gear today are stylish).

But you must have a suit as part of your gear. Being a frequent rider, you are destined to get caught in the rain. Don’t let a good day be spoiled because of a little rain. Buy a one-piece or two-piece rain suit, pack it, and wear it when you need to.